Open Question to Women: Are You All Squirters?

Was it good for you? This is the question most man ask a woman in post-coitus. It is typically asked in a concerned tone because we both hope that they enjoyed themselves, but also know the possibility is very high that they did not. Women never have to worry about asking men that since we have a distinct release that lets them know just how good of a time we just had. And while I have faked an orgasm before in order to mercifully end the night and get to sleep, I will go out on a limb and say that is a lot less than women do it.

The differences between a male and female orgasm are as vast as Donald Sterling and reality. Ours are quick, powerful, and provide a nice escape. Women’s are challenging, intense, and satisfying on a deeper level. The mind also plays a much bigger part in accomplishing the latter, while the former is much more a physical release like sweating or farting. It seems unfair that such a challenging thing to accomplish depends on taking someone’s word for it when you do accomplish said feat. It would be like winning a Mario Cart Grand Prix and then having no trophy ceremony. I want my damn trophy. This is where squirting comes into play.

Things are just better when you receive a trophy.

Things are just better when you receive a trophy.

According to Women’s Health writer Rebecca Chalker, “Female ejaculation is one of the most hotly debated questions in modern sexology.” Reports vary from as small as 6% to as high as 69% of women experiencing female ejaculation. That is quite the discrepancy in statistics. Normally I would say the truth falls somewhere in the middle, but in this case I have another theory, it is actually 100% of women who can and should experience female ejaculation. The variance does not come from differences in female anatomy, but rather their sexual partners ability to get them to the climax state required to ejaculate. The problem lies with us ladies, not you. Well except for the ladies who prefer the company of other ladies, then that is on you. 

I know what a lot of men are saying, “but I’ve never been with a squirter?” To which I reply, exactly. Look it is just a theory, but the law of gravity started with a theory after an apple hit Isaac Newton in the head, so I think I’m standing on some sturdy ground here. I thought it would be best to reach out and ask the people whom this affects the most. So, what do you think ladies? Is it possible that all of you are capable of a female ejaculation? Have men been robing you the opportunity to put a money shot in our face? If so, as someone who took two gender studies courses in college and considers himself a feminist, all I can say is, “I’m sorry.”