Meet the Millennial Men

Tom Demetrio (Founding Man/Head Writer)


Fourth grade winner of most gold stars in Ms. Riley’s English class and someone Mindy Kaling once said, “Hello, can I help you?” Tom Demetrio was destined to help create and write a blog for the Millennial generation. A true instigator, he has played Devil’s Advocate so many times that he is now on retainer. Like Lena Dunham, only with more nudity and a worse body, he strives to be the voice of his generation.



Billy Kirland (Founding Man/Head Writer)


Growing up, Billy watched Back to the Future, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones so many times that he had to go to speech therapy to rid his daily vocabulary of corny, heroic one-liners. They still resurface from time to time. Like any respectable millennial, Mr. Kirland had a Millennium phase, because who didn’t like the Backstreet Boys? BK is constantly trying to make sense of this quickly evolving world and figure out what the hell this “Cloud” that everyone keeps talking about is. Recently, Billy finally started purchasing some of his own clothes. He’s pretty pumped about it. 


 Eastyn Cazin (Writer)

  Screenshot 2014-05-06 09.45.31

After being banished from her home of Morrowind for extreme tyrannical tendencies and a strong taste for Skooma, the Bosmer, Eastyn, made her way to the human realm and their planet “Earth.” Not a day goes by where she does not yearn for her home among the lush greenery of Tamriel, but she is here to serve a purpose on Earth. That purpose boils down to four things:

1. Write mediocre blog posts for The Millennial Man.
2. Get tattooed.
3. Drink coffee.
4. Cuddle all the kittens.


You’re welcome, Earth.



Annie Jankowski (Behind the Scenes (wo)Man)


Annie (Millennial Man groupie turned staff member) is true child of the 90′s who finds solace listening to N*SYNC and Spice Girls, and has a hard time understanding that there are people on this earth who have never eaten (or heard of) the best cereal ever– French Toast Crunch, and is even more perplexed at the lack of Lisa Frank things available for purchase. She is ready to make the jump to the modern world, even if it means finding a new favorite breakfast cereal.


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