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Women I Love: Cassadee Pope


As Spring turns to Summer, apologies to all my Chinese readers if the Government blocks this article due to this phrase, it is a time to reflect on and admire the one’s we love. This week I get musical with the woman who stole my heart in the Fall of 2012, Cassadee Pope. The well-informed amongst us will remember Pope from her Skater Pop Punk Rock, Avril Lavigne inspired, band Hey Monday. 

It was a fun, but forgettable band, that had the misfortune of coming along at the wrong time. The Pop Rock phase had really died out. The popularity of Fall Out Boy, Lavigne, and New Found Glory were waning. The decline in popularity of the genre made it impossible for new bands to break into a dwindling market. Pope’s dreams were dashed for the time being, but luckily for her and the millions like me whom would fall in love with her, she found redemption on a tiny little music competition show called, The Voice. 

Pope tore on to the scene, do I even need to say pun intended at this point, with a rendition of Natalie Imbruglia’s Torn. Pope and I share similar musical taste.Perhaps it is because we are the same age, grew up in similar socioeconomic towns – her West Palm Beach, FL and I Winnetka, IL – which led us to be influenced by the same artists growing up. I love the Pop Rock chick side of her, but she was wise enough to know that was not going to make her the star she deserves to be. She made the wise move of choosing Blake Shelton as her Coach and tapping into her Hillbilly Bone Bon Bon Bone. The result turned out to be electric, but while Pope cruised through the early rounds of the competition it was not till November 19, 2012 that she became a contender to win it all. I remember it well, the Niners had just crushed the Bears on Monday Night Football. I was down in the dumps, desperately needed something to raise my spirits and then Cassadee Pope did this…

Game. Set. Match. Forget The Voice, Pope won my heart that night. It was a beautiful song and even better moment that provide the lift I needed to forget about Colin Kapernick running wild on the Bears. Pope had found a way to infuse her Pop Rock beginnings into Country to result in something magical. She had all the abilities to become the new Michelle Branch, which by my standards is the highest honor I can bestow on someone. Sure enough, the week after setting the internet ablaze Pope chose to perform a song from the library of the Holy One herself. Was I happy now? You bet your ass.

Pope became the dominant front runner for the rest of the competition and never let up under the pressure. She went on to win the entire thing sealing back-to-back victories for Team Blake. It was a star making turn for The Voice that had yet to produce one in its first two seasons. Pope has it all, the voice, the looks, lyrical ability, likable personality, and determined attitude. She is everything that you would want a star singer to be and the world is lucky to have her.

Since winning The Voice, her career has not taken the rocket launch path I assumed it would. Her re-branded debut album sold 170,000 copies, certainly a disappointment in many regards. Her debut single, “Wasting All These Tears,” did go platinum, but it wasn’t quintessential Pope. Even her staunchest of supporters have to feel a little disheartened, but love means staying committed and I absolutely still am. Her second single is more in the mold of something I was expecting from her.

Cassadee Pope may never be truly accepted as a Country singer because of her Punk Pop Rock roots. And she may never be welcomed back in the Punk Pop Rock genre because she went Country. But genres are fucking stupid and I do not need them to proclaim my love for her. I do not need Pope to define her music, but rather herself. As long as she is happy, then I am too. Just be you, Cassadee, because it is a talented, beautiful, intelligent, fun, and interesting person that the world is lucky to know.



Women I Love: Tatiana Maslany

It has been far too long since I proposed my love to woman, but it took a recent TV binge to break my heart out of it’s Spring Slumber. Tatiana Maslany, the star of BBC America’s addictive Orphan Black, has blown me away with her unbelievable acting abilities and all-around loveliness. I love women whom excel at their profession and as far as I’m concerned she is at the very top of the acting world. Anyone who is a fan of Ms. Maslany either shares my love or has a heart that lacks the capacity to love anything at all. Just look at the way she stuns my man Tom Haverford into love sick British boy.

Beyond incredible acting skills Maslany also has another insta-love attribute, multi-ethnic. She was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada to a woodworker father and translator mother of Ukranian, Polish, Austrian, Romanian, and German descent. Anyone still ignorant and pathetic enough to not believe in mix marriages only needs to turn to Maslany of a shiny example of why the world needs to get freaky with people outside of their own isolated ethnicities. Just like puppies, humans need more cross-breeding. 

Gorgeous and successful - a deadly combination.

Gorgeous and successful – a deadly combination.

Speaking of deadly, Maslany hits another one of my hot spots by being able to scare the shit out of me with her intensity. As a Sociologist who took two Gender Studies courses in college I love a woman who likes to take charge and she is the definition of such. I’m comfortable to admit that I want a woman willing to lead our future family and more than willing to take a back seat to a demanding, powerful woman.

Clearly Tatiana demonstrates such qualities.

Clearly Tatiana demonstrates such qualities.

Canadian television has become the premiere Minor League system for American stardom. It has turned out old school success stories such as Martin Short, Michael J Fox, John Candy, Jim Carey, Pamela Anderson, and Jill Hennessy. And a new crop including Elisha Cuthbert, Nina Dobrev, Aubrey Graham, Shenae Grimes, Jay Baruchel, Michael Cera, Rachel McAdams, and Cobie Smulders. But Maslany has a chance to become the most famous Canadian actor of all time. I mean that with all my heart.

When Orphan Black finally airs its last episode, hopefully many years from now, she needs to be on top of every Producers list for every major role. If I ever get in the position to be able to cast a movie and/or television show, the only reason Maslany won’t be in it is because she is too busy being awesome in multiple other projects. And I will know that no matter how good her replacement is, she would’ve been better. Seriously Hollywood, if you haven’t already done so, take note of how amazing Tatiana Maslany is. I hesitate to show proof because I do not want to spoil any of the show that brought her to my heart. I will however continue to plug not only Orphan Black, but most importantly the lead actor that makes the show what it is. The latest entry into my Women I Love Hall of Fame, Ms. Tatiana Maslany.

Women I Love

Tiffani Amber Thiessen KellyMain

On this Valentine’s Day 2014, it seems necessary to honor one of the original loves of my life, Tiffani Amber Thiessen, or TAT for short. Many men have fallen in love with TAT, she was the hottest woman of the 90s for Gods sake. And since the 90s is the greatest decade of all time, it pretty much means she is the hottest woman of all time. But my path is a little different than anyone else’s.

Most people fell in love with Kelly Kapowski, I mean if she could tame Zack Morris she had control over all men. However, I contest that anyone my age or younger never watched an original episode of Saved by the Bell when it aired. It was on TV from 1989-1993 and it wasn’t exactly targeted toward the 0-5 demographic. Since I’m the oldest child in my family I did not have the pleasure of older siblings guiding me and telling me of this perfect specimen, Kelly Kapowski. I ended up missing the initial boat on all this fuss.

Best smile in the business.

I guess the body ain't bad either.
I guess the body ain’t bad either.

Honestly, the first thing I remember seeing her in was the short lived Fox series, Fastlane. It premiered when I was in sixth grade and aired on Friday nights, since I was a dweeb, as all sixth graders are, my Friday nights were centered around this show. Tiff played Billie Chambers, the kick-ass leader of special undercover unit that went to extremes to capture the criminals of LA.

Now, this was a pecuilar time for 12 year old Tommy. His body was changing, it felt weird, and he just discovered a new thing his body could do. I’ll let your imaginations fill in the blank. Needless to say, Tiff helped ease this time of strange transition and made things much better. One particular scene from that show sticks out in my mind above others.

This show aired on Saturday Mornings?

This show aired on Saturday Mornings?

Yep, that’s the one. After this I was hooked, I had to find out everything that I could about this Tiffani Amber Thiessen. This is when I finally discovered the power, magnificence, and beauty that is Kelly Kapowski. I could write an entire novel on Ms. Kapowski, but since every man and woman between the ages of 20-40 already knows how amazing she is, I will not waste everybody’s time.

After burning through reruns of Saved by the Bell, I did not think it was possible to be any more in love with her, but then, around my junior year of high school, I discovered the SOAP Network and a little show called Beverly Hills 90210. Kelly Kapowski grew up and turned into a take no prisoners slut named Valerie Malone and I dug every second of it.

Yes you do, TAT. Yes you do.

Yes you do, TAT. Yes you do.

Elizabeth Berkley shed her innocence by taking off all her clothes in one of the worst movies of all-time. While every man will thank her for having certain video clips available online, it really lampooned her career. TAT, on the other hand, shred her innocence on a prime time soap, which will always be remembered fondly.

The aughts and teens have not been as nice to her as the greatest decade of all time. But as far as I’m concerned TAT has earned a place in the pantheon of hotness. And she may never win an academy award, but she will always have my heart, which as far as I’m concerned is a much more prestigious honor that can never be bought by Harvey Weinstein.

Even flannel looks good on her.

Even flannel looks good on her.

The Women I Love

It would be easy to smile with her around.

It would be easy to smile with her around.

Caity Lotz

Billy continues to do a tremendous job of professing his love to the one woman of his dreams. It inspires me to continue to express mine to thousands of loves of my life.

I first fell in love with Caity Lotz when I saw her do a guest spot on Mad Men. Season four, the best season, episode two, Don stops in Los Angeles to see the original Mrs. Draper. As a bonus her super hot niece, Stephanie, stopped by and hit the town with Anna and Don. Lotz looked spectacular, the perfect California blonde. The Beach Boys would’ve changed their song to “I Wish They All Could Be Caity Lotz.”

The perfect California beauty of the 1960s

The perfect California beauty of the 1960s

Now, this was during the Don Draper drinks himself into a stupor season and on the way down to rock bottom the show had him make a move on young Stephanie. A pretty despicable move considering how much Anna meant to him and how young she was at the time. Most fans were disgusted by the action, but I wasn’t, not in the least bit. She was far too hot that I would’ve been offended if he didn’t make a move. In fact of all the women Don has ever interacted with I would want Stephanie to be the one he rides off into the sunset with at the end of the series.

Alas, it was a fleeting love. Lotz only appeared in that episode with a couple of cameo appearances sprinkled throughout the season. I thought that she was lost to me forever. But destiny has a way of rearing it’s beautiful head at the most opportune moment. Lotz came back to me last fall on one of my new favorite shows, Arrow.

As if it wasn’t joy enough just to have her back on my TV, but this time she got to play a kick ass vigilante, Black Canary. Nothing is sexier than a woman than an incredibly hot women who is also strong enough to kick anyone’s ass. Instead of simply being the personification of Dan Wilson’s dreams, she gets to do this kind of stuff.


She is a huge part of improving Arrow’s second season. Yes, part of it is just getting to look at her each week, but she brings a lot of charisma and pathos to her role. It is impossible to not care about her and the character she plays. Lotz has both a kick-ass physique and a sweet, beautiful face, which emotes both a strong independent woman and a damsel in distress. This is a deadly combination. You can’t decide if you need to save her or stand back to watch her kick some serious ass. She has the power to draw a man, or woman, in and keep them mesmerized.

Who wouldn't want to wake up to that?

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that?

I hope for the sack of humanity that Caity becomes a huge international star, but selfishly I hope she just keeps getting cast in shows that I like. She is my small independent band, I recognize that she has the immense talent for the big time, but I want her to be my secret and a dirty little one at that.

**Update** Big news. Not sure how I’m just learning about this now, but Billy has actually met Caity Lotz when he worked at Preferred Content. He was Ross Dinerstein’s, founder and head honco, assistant and the first big movie they produced was The Pact starring, the one and only, Caity Lotz. Needless to say my mind is blown and I know what I will be watching this weekend.

Speaking of dirty, this next material is slightly NSFW, so precede with caution.

Now, that is just unfair.

Now, that is just unfair.

Speaking of dirty, watch this next video with caution as it is slightly NSFW.