We have some exciting Millennial Man news to share with all of you. A couple weeks ago a friend of mine from college reached out to me about the content of this site and how it is similar to a website that his buddy started and he helps run. “It’s called,” he informed me, “and I think it would be great to partner together.”

It was an intriguing offer and I was very interesting to check out a website that is similar to our beloved Millennial Man. I hit the internet and typed in the website, Hhhmmm this does not seem to be similar to our site or a legitimate website at all. It was, right? Let me go back and double check. Ah, I see what happened, due to encoding, my brain filled in the missing “u” to form the common word, pursuit, while the website domain drops the “u.” Silly me.

Alright, now it is time to check out the site and holy shit this is awesome. I love it. There mission statement is very similar to ours. They want to create content that engages and inspires the millennial male and understand that we are actively crafting our identities amongst a sea of diverse influence. Prsuit sees a void in news, commentary, and insight that is curated for the millennial male and wants to fill it. It targets the same audience as Millennial Man, but does so with a different approach. It’s the millennial GQ to our National Lampoons. Prsuit has great financial and career advice that we could not provide even if we tried. Or at least I’d feel guilty for attempting cause it would be sure to lead to you declaring bankruptcy. 

The proud father of this baby is Case Kenny. Billy and I spoke on the phone with Case a couple weeks ago and after one half hour discussion I was convinced that he is going to take over the world some day. Or the western hemisphere at the very least. We’ve agreed to go into partnership together and to start Prsuit will be posting some of our older articles on its home page. Here is a link to the dead battery article I wrote a couple of months back. We will proceed from there based on the number of views these articles generate on the site, but the goal is to have a symbiotic relationship similar to that of ESPN and Grantland. I believe in Case and enjoy Prsuit very much. No matter what happens in the future with our two sites I’m very glad to have a great new website targeted to help improve the lives of millennial males like me.

Check out the video below to learn more about Case and Prsuit