High School Reunion Podcast

High School Reunion

Claire Oliver

We’re back with our second episode of High School Reunion. This week we bring in a little estrogen and call Claire Oliver. We see what she is up to these days. Learn about her awesome minivan and how she ended up with Matt Kozera as her prom date. Plus we play some kill, marry, fuck. Check it out below.

(00:00 – 01:00) – Introduction

(01:00 – 05:30) – What she is up to now

(05:30 – 07:00) – Claire vs Old Man Jeckett

(07:00 Р08:00) JUGS aka detention 

(08:00 – 15:30) Early Days at Loyola

(15:30 – 20:30) Favorite Teachers

(22:00- 26:50) FMK

(26:50 – 33:30) Parties and Pranks

(33:30 – 37:00) Embarrassing Moments

(37:00 – 44:05) Prom

(44:05 – 46:45) Dating/Tinder

(46:45 – 51:45) Chicago Social Scene

(51:45 – 54:40) Rumors

(54:40 – 58:50) Wrap Up


High School Reunion

High school reunion is a weekly podcast where we call our old high school classmates to see what they’re up to these days, as well as reminisce on the glory days.

Our first guest, Tom Flannery, is one of Chicago’s top four most eligible bachelors. We were excited to have him on and he shared some classic memories, from Kyle Cooper stealing a boat to him stealing Danny Murphy’s prom date, sorry Murph. Click play below to listen to the podcast and find out who his favorite high school girlfriend was, his biggest regret, and the best party he ever attended. Plus so much more, enjoy.