Tommy, Let’s Have a Chat: Men Aren’t All That Bad | Mother of Kittens

*Pulls out soap box*

So we’ve been writing for this blog for a while now. I’ve seen some things that you have posted that are fairly concerning to me. I’m putting my foot down. I can’t take this anymore. Although you have the best intentions it has become increasingly clear to me that you need a nice sit down chat.

Below are a few of your articles that legitimately bummed me out:

In your post, The Friend Debate, I saw a typical article on the age old question “can men and women be friends?” Leaving aside your reasons as for why a man would not have sex with a female friend (I can assure you there are more than three), the real issue here is that you seem to believe that men as a whole gender are sex driven maniacs, and that women are not. That’s just flat out wrong. Some men have no interest in sex. Some women only want sex, and I feel as though a majority of the population has a pretty even keeled and healthy sex drive for living organisms.

You mentioned that being only friends with a woman is something that should be rewarded, as though you deserve some kind of pat on the head for not trying to fuck everything that moves. You literally compared it to a dog receiving a treat for being well behaved. What a disservice that is to all other men. How low do you think of your own gender? That’s just called common courtesy.


The Thrill of the Chase again shows that you have completely shoved men and women into these small stereotypical gender roles that boils men down to impulsive fuck machines and women into manipulative baby crazy wedding fiends. In a relationship the “chase” isn’t what will keep the “magic” alive. Relationships are work. After a while they are no longer spontaneous and romantic. They are a partnership in the best kind of way. A support system and a beautiful one at that. Saying that men just get worse as the relationship continues, again does a huge disservice to your gender. As if the only motivation any man could have for a relationship exists in your pants.

I can’t even form complete thoughts on your Open Question To Women: Why Are You So Enchanting article. The previous two articles mostly brought to light your thoughts on how men act, however this one was just blatant objectification. I don’t need to explain why that’s inappropriate.

My Reaction When

My Reaction When

Your Would You Rather (Fucked in the Ass Edition) was fairly baffling. As though you think all gay men and all women would really enjoy having something crammed up their ass and as though all straight men would hate it.  Enjoyment of anal sex is quite fluid amongst all genders and sexualities. Don’t knock it until you try it, I say.

Your latest article, Open Question to Women: Are You All Squirters was the final straw for me. Orgasms and squirting are not the same. The female orgasm isn’t a debate, women can have one. It’s achievable. Squirting is a debate due to the fact that not much is known about where it comes from and how. It’s not from the same place as the typical female orgasm, and although it is the same chemical make up of urine, it is also not from the bladder. That is the larger debate. The debate of “WTF is squirting.”

Again, you underestimate men. Reaching orgasm is a two person game. The blame does not lie with anybody other than lack of education. Women should explore and find out what works for them, and then communicate with their partner to create a unique experience between partners. A blending of preferences and techniques. Not to mention orgasm does not need to be achieved by either party at all times. It is perfectly acceptable for men to not orgasm, as well as for women. If you are just flat out never able to, it’s time to go to a doctor or re-evaluate what you find to be sexually pleasing.

My new favorite stock photo.

My new favorite stock photo.

So, Tommy, the conclusion is that not only do you seem to inadvertently objectify women into sexual and romantic fantasies, but also have completely reduced men into one dimensional beings capable only of spreading their seed. It is important for you to look inside and realize: “What does this say about me?” It is one thing to act and think this way yourself, but a whole other thing to speak for a whole gender. I’ve asked you this before, and I will ask you this again, “Do you need a hug, Tommy? I feel like you need a hug.” Human beings are complex individuals with differing feelings and motives. Including yourself.

*Steps down from soap box*

Now that it’s all said and done, let’s discuss. Beer is on me.


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