An Open Letter to Chicago Cubs Owner Tom Ricketts

Dear Tom,

It’s time to get your shit together. Your grace period as owner of my beloved Chicago Cubs is over. We Cubbie blue-blooded fans were excited that one of us was buying the team back in 2009. But it’s 2014 now and we haven’t won more than 75 games in a season in four years. We understand that we’re rebuilding the organization from the ground up. We promised Theo we’d be patient. The prospects – ugh, I hate that word – look good. And yes, the new facilities in Arizona are nice…

But we’re growing tired of your bullshit in Chicago. We millennial Cubs fans are restless. And you can sure as hell bet that our parents and grandparents aren’t growing any more patient.

Pretty much sums up how all Cubs fans are feeling these days.

Pretty much sums up how all Cubs fans are feeling these days.

I hope you weren’t surprised when the video you posted last week was met with a collective roll of the eyes. New plans to fix Wrigley! We’re going ahead and doing it! We’re going to break ground soon! It’ll be great!

Excuse us if we’ve heard this before. You may have hoodwinked us with your Wrigley renovation plans the first time, but you know what they say: Fool me once, shame on me.

I’m sick of hearing about all these “plans” to bring Wrigley into the 21st century. I’ve grown tired of your many excuses for not getting the job done. Yes, the rooftop owners are a pain. We all understand that. But you knew about the revenue sharing deal when you bought the team. Stop bitching about it. Figure out a solution. Meet them at the bargaining table and make a deal.

Just deal with the rooftop owners already. The problem will not solve itself.

Just deal with the rooftop owners already. The problem will not solve itself.

Oh, and you might want to let the fucking City of Chicago know about your plans because Rahm Emanuel is a power-wielding crazy person. He will make your life harder if you don’t give him a heads up on future new “plans.” He didn’t seem too thrilled with your recent video, either.

Listen, Tom. I know your heart is in the right place. You fell in love with your wife at Wrigley, and you fell in love with the Cubs back in 1984. But you’re the owner of the Chicago Cubs now. We need you to use more than your heart. We need your brain.

Don’t bullshit us anymore. We’re smarter than you think we are. You’re putting a piece of shit product on the major league field. We can only get so excited about all these great minor leaguers you keep talking about. Please don’t tell us you can’t spend money because the attendance has dropped each year since you bought the team. Put a good fucking team on the field and we’ll pack the stands. We’re the best fans in baseball. Imagine if we got to see a team win a trophy once in a while. Have you been to a Blackhawks game lately?

It’s time for you to step up to the plate, Tom. Get your Wrigley plan approved by Emmanuel and the rooftop boys. Put your signs up in Wrigley and fix the dugouts. Get someone to okay that new bullpen idea, too. Give Theo (Epstein) and Jed (Hoyer) some fucking cash to spend at the major league level. Stop taking a condescending tone every time you talk to us in your public appearances.

We Cubs fans are growing frustrated. We’re not the bunch of drunken idiots White Sox fans make us out to be. Shame on you, Tom, for thinking you’re entitled to our hard-earned money. You have to earn it. It’s time to start giving us more reasons to come to Wrigley than its 100-year birthday. Throwback jerseys can’t hide a lack of talent.

I’m keeping the faith, but I’m running short on patience. I want to come back to Chicago on a brisk October day and watch a World Series game with my dad, mom, sisters, brother, and friends before I’m 30.

Make it happen.


An Angry Millennial Cubs Fan


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