Newest Obession: Creme Caramel #DEFINEBEAUTY | Mother of Kittens 

“The devil is in the details.”

I tend to have a hard time finding something that accurately articulates that sentence. It’s always been difficult to put into words the specific things I am attracted to. The whole picture is nice, but sometimes it is necessary to get down to the little details. Those are the things that will eat away at your brain, that make it difficult to concentrate.

The Nowness has been doing a multiple part series called #DEFINEBEAUTY. One of the recent videos captured the essence of that idea of the details being the things that will have you lose your mind. You can view it below.

A little warning:

THIS IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK AT ALL. Incognito that nonsense and lock yourself away.

All of these videos are beautifully curated. I highly recommend sitting down to watch through them.

Just wanted to share a little something something to pick you up post three day weekend.



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