Saturday Morning Thoughts: John Mayer

I woke up this morning to find a tweet about how John Mayer covered Beyoncé’s song “XO.” Take a listen below.

This is an awesome cover. I like Beyoncé’s version, too, but this post is about Mayer. The guy is a fucking fantastic musician. I don’t care if that makes people question my music taste. He’s solid. If you can tell me you didn’t once hum “Why Georgia,” back in the day, well then good for you. You are a rare specimen.

When it comes to women, however, Mayer isn’t all that great. The guy has reportedly dated some of the film, television, and music world’s most beautiful and talented stars and always seems to fuck it up. He even admitted he was a “jerk” to a handful of women most of us average guys would have treated like queens.

Today, I say let’s just let the guy be whoever he wants to be and appreciate his music. If you’re an attractive woman who happens to be incredibly famous, just know Mayer’s gunning for you and DO NOT date him if you want a serious relationship. It’s pretty cut and dry.

And us music fans, well, we should just enjoy his music. Who gives a shit about his love life? Maybe he’s one of those guys yearns to be forever miserable and brokenhearted because it gives his music a soul. Most people wouldn’t consider sleeping with supermodels miserable, though.

Mayer's most recent album. Do yourself a favor and check it out if you haven't.

Mayer’s most recent album. Do yourself a favor and check it out if you haven’t.

My point is that I don’t care what Mayer’s public perception was, is, or will be. I like his music. I take his music for what it is – really good art. If we relate to a piece of art and it speaks to us, isn’t that enough? I don’t need to know everything about the artist or even like them on a personal level.

This isn’t to say that I would support a bigot artist who openly champions hateful views. But a musician with a questionable relationship history? Yeah. I’m all in on their work.

Keep making awesome music, Mr. Mayer. I’ll keep listening.


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