Do I Buy Into The Game Of Thrones Hype? | You may now call me Khaleesi

So for the last few months I have effectively fooled Billy into thinking that I actually watch Game of Thrones. What I really do is browse Reddit the day after and gather up the main talking points and feign my way through conversations in the office.

Accurate representation of me.

Accurate representation of me.

The other thing that might lead people to believe that I watch the show is my unabashed love for Khaleesi and her dragons. Billy has even so fondly started calling me Khaleesi and my kittens my dragons. This is a trend I am completely unopposed to. Everybody should do this. Although, Cat-eesi might be more accurate.

ALL THIS ASIDE, Billy posed a question to me.

“Why don’t you just watch the show?”

My answer was simple. I didn’t enjoy the books.


More specifically, I didn’t like George RR Martin. I started reading them after the hype started when the show began. In theory these books should have been the fucking end all be all for me. However, I had been over-saturated with interviews of George RR Martin being George RR Martin. The omnipresent narrator throughout the series just felt like George RR Martin telling a story he was inappropriately proud of. It just rubbed me the wrong way. I could no longer separate the books from his voice.

I struggled my way through the first book. Devoured anything to do with my sweet sweet Khaleesi, and then half way through the second on and couldn’t make myself go any further.

For this reason, I do not watch the show. Not because I’m a huge book snob, but because I have found that I enjoy shows or movies based on books so much MORE when I had a strong understanding of the series that inspired it.


The Harry Potter movies were so fantastic to me because I had invested so much time in that world already. On the flip side, I tried watching the Hunger Games and was wholly uninvested with the story. I had no connection with anybody.

I understand that Game of Thrones is a different breed entirely, but I just feel as though if I cannot get through the books, who is to say that the show is even worth my time?

What do you think? Should I start watching the show? Or continue to just catch the highlights as they appear on Reddit?

Let me know!


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