Dear Billy: Have No Fear… Eastyn is Here!

Dear Billy,

I am pleased to inform you that I am quite possibly your best source of information for Instagram. Please, do not fret. Your fears are all valid. Instagram can be a confusing place.

Tom seems to have answered your questions quite thoroughly, so allow me to provide you with a few excess tidbits of information to consider.

What Kind of “Liker” Are You?

There are two schools of thought.

1. You can like absolutely everything and then use the absence of a like to really drive a point home.

2. You can like nothing except a few and when you do dole out those likes, boy oh boy is it awesome.

Personally, I opt for the former. It really speaks to me as a person.


You’re absolutely gorgeous. Post ALL OF THE SELFIES. I need them for science.

How Often to Post?

If you have a pet, you are contractually obligated to post at least three pictures of said pet a week. If you do not, you can replace that with something else. You inquired about sunsets in your previous post, and that is a perfectly acceptable option. Meals do not count as actual posts, you can do all three of those a day. Everybody is super interested in what you’re eating. Especially if you’re on a Paleo diet or participating in the cult of Crossfit.

How Many Hashtags Are TOO Many?

Any more than three is gratuitous.

Which Kardashians Do I Follow?

All of them.



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