Women I Love: Tatiana Maslany

It has been far too long since I proposed my love to woman, but it took a recent TV binge to break my heart out of it’s Spring Slumber. Tatiana Maslany, the star of BBC America’s addictive Orphan Black, has blown me away with her unbelievable acting abilities and all-around loveliness. I love women whom excel at their profession and as far as I’m concerned she is at the very top of the acting world. Anyone who is a fan of Ms. Maslany either shares my love or has a heart that lacks the capacity to love anything at all. Just look at the way she stuns my man Tom Haverford into love sick British boy.

Beyond incredible acting skills Maslany also has another insta-love attribute, multi-ethnic. She was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada to a woodworker father and translator mother of Ukranian, Polish, Austrian, Romanian, and German descent. Anyone still ignorant and pathetic enough to not believe in mix marriages only needs to turn to Maslany of a shiny example of why the world needs to get freaky with people outside of their own isolated ethnicities. Just like puppies, humans need more cross-breeding. 

Gorgeous and successful - a deadly combination.

Gorgeous and successful – a deadly combination.

Speaking of deadly, Maslany hits another one of my hot spots by being able to scare the shit out of me with her intensity. As a Sociologist who took two Gender Studies courses in college I love a woman who likes to take charge and she is the definition of such. I’m comfortable to admit that I want a woman willing to lead our future family and more than willing to take a back seat to a demanding, powerful woman.

Clearly Tatiana demonstrates such qualities.

Clearly Tatiana demonstrates such qualities.

Canadian television has become the premiere Minor League system for American stardom. It has turned out old school success stories such as Martin Short, Michael J Fox, John Candy, Jim Carey, Pamela Anderson, and Jill Hennessy. And a new crop including Elisha Cuthbert, Nina Dobrev, Aubrey Graham, Shenae Grimes, Jay Baruchel, Michael Cera, Rachel McAdams, and Cobie Smulders. But Maslany has a chance to become the most famous Canadian actor of all time. I mean that with all my heart.

When Orphan Black finally airs its last episode, hopefully many years from now, she needs to be on top of every Producers list for every major role. If I ever get in the position to be able to cast a movie and/or television show, the only reason Maslany won’t be in it is because she is too busy being awesome in multiple other projects. And I will know that no matter how good her replacement is, she would’ve been better. Seriously Hollywood, if you haven’t already done so, take note of how amazing Tatiana Maslany is. I hesitate to show proof because I do not want to spoil any of the show that brought her to my heart. I will however continue to plug not only Orphan Black, but most importantly the lead actor that makes the show what it is. The latest entry into my Women I Love Hall of Fame, Ms. Tatiana Maslany.


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