Superhero Movies Can Still Be Fun and Campy: Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

The second full-length trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy was released yesterday and it was fucking awesome. I didn’t read the comic book, so I know virtually know nothing about Guardians – but it’s refreshing to see a superhero or action/adventure movie look so unabashedly fun and goofy. Check out the trailer below.

For all my fellow Parks and Rec fans out there, that is indeed Andy Dwyer as Starlord. WWE fans will recognize Dave Bautista as Drax, fans of sexiness will spot Zoe Saldana in a green hue as Gamora, and people with amazing hearing and unreal imaginations will identify Bradley Cooper’s voice for Rocket Racoon and Vin Diesel’s for Groot. Throw in some John C. Reilly, Glenn Close, and Benicio Del Toro, and you’ve got yourself a wickedly campy summer blockbuster.

Our generation understandably gets caught up in the broody, moody, and dark superhero because of the awesomeness of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Nolan’s Batman was hands-down the best big screen portrayal of Bruce Wayne and his alter ego. That’s because Nolan understood who Wayne truly is – a grownup rich kid who never dealt with the death of his parents in a cathartic manner. Batman was Wayne’s way of giving back to his beloved Gotham, avenging his parents, and becoming a complete person.

But then too many action and superhero flicks started using the moody/broody formula because it worked for Nolan. The most recent Superman Man of Steel is a perfect example of over-broodifying what’s supposed to be a fun movie. The movie was still solid, but what was great about Dick Donner’s original Superman series was its self-awareness. Its willingness to accept its inherent corniness (it’s a freaking superhero movie!) was a major strength. The original Thor movie was self-aware and succeeded because it embraced how weird it was that a longhaired, man-child warrior from a parallel, Nordic-ish universe needed to save Earth with a magical hammer.

If Guardians of the Galaxy’s marketing accurately conveys the tone of the film, I’m super excited to see it come August. It’s been too long since a sci-fi/fantasy/superhero-type movie featured a bunch of outcast heroes who double as dudes I’d want to have a drink with. It’ll be nice to see Chris Pratt bring some Andy Dwyer-ish energy to the big screen for Marvel’s latest summer tent pole.

This is going to be a fun movie.

This is going to be a fun movie.

I think too often, cinephiles forget that movies are supposed to be fun, too. There is more than enough room at the box office for both realistic, dramatic films and campy, raucous blockbusters. I’m not a huge fan of CGI dominated films (like Michael Bay’s Transformers, but I am a sucker for campy action flicks that go balls to the wall. That’s what made the original Star Wars series so great. Sure, the Force provided deeper food for thought, but Luke didn’t brood all the time – and jeese, the guy had reason: dead parents, dead aunt and uncle, dad is alive again and Darth Vader. And when Luke did get whiny, Han Solo was there to bring the camp back.

If we’re stuck with all these superhero franchises until the day we die, I’m glad to see not all of them are taking themselves so seriously. Count me in for Guardians of the Galaxy!



  1. “a longhaired, man-child warrior from a parallel, Nordic-ish universe needed to save Earth with a magical hammer.” Nice! Very true. Watched Thor 2 last week and it is ludicrous but enjoyable.

    1. Thanks, Frannie! Much appreciated. I love movies that have fun in their worlds and take full advantage of their medium. Thanks for reading! Please feel free to share.

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