Five Comics for People Who Aren’t Super Into Super Heroes | No dick pics.

So you like art, you like reading and you like the idea of comics but aren’t really all that pumped on the whole Marvel vs. DC schtick. Have no fear good people. I am here to save the day with a few recommendations of my own.

1. Northlanders


A series of unrelated one shot stories, all of which based in a viking era Scandinavia. This series blew my fucking mind. To be blunt. The art is beautiful. The lives and stories painted within this series are so tangible, I tried multiple times to crawl into the pages. To no avail. Obviously.

2. Saga


I’ll just leave you with this quote from the writer:

“This is an original fantasy book with no superheroes, two non-white leads and an opening chapter featuring graphic robot sex. I thought we might be cancelled by our third issue.”

– Brian K. Vaughan 

3. The Goon


The Goon is a prohibition era based comic about a former circus freak (Goon) and his little buddy (Frankie) offering up protection services from the zombie king and other sorts of supernatural happenings. Busty babes, slap stick humor, and creepy fish monsters. It has everything you could ever want.

4. The Strange Talent of Luther Strode


So. You like gore? You like lots of gore? Like literal blood, guts, and brains smattered across the page? You also like stories of nerdy scrawny dudes becoming perfectly trained buff as fuck killers? Luther Strode is the one for you.

5. Ozma of Oz


This is only one title in a series of a few, however it was my favorite. Ozma of Oz comes from the mind of Eric Shanower and art is done by the talented Scottie Young. It is a re-imagining of a part of the Wizard of Oz series, and told in a new fun way. Totally great for all ages. The humor in it is spot on and innocent in a way that is refreshing.

Let me know if you have any that I need to get my grubby little media consuming hands on!


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