Changing the Stereotype: Proof Women Are Funny

This week’s evidence, Amy Schumer. Apparently Comedy Central is powering a female comic revolution as a couple of weeks ago I talked about the hilarity of Broad City. This week I want to discuss its sketch show Inside Amy Schumer. Schumer found success in stand-up when she placed fourth a few years ago on Last Comic Standing. Her finish came as quite a surprise since she had only been doing stand-up for a couple of years. She’d previously had acting experience both on stage and television. This experience has helped her craft her top asset, delivery. As much as comedians who spend hours crafting and writing jokes don’t want to hear this, delivery is the most important aspect of comedy. Stand-up is a performance, so it is more important be an excellent performer over a great writer. There is a reason Judd Apatow stopped doing stand-up and became the successful writer/director/producer that he is today. Take a look at the performing chops Schumer displayed during her Last Comic Standing run.

Schumer’s success as a stand-up led to her getting a sketch comedy show, the aforementioned Inside Amy Schumer, last year. Her skills as a performer translate perfectly to TV, especially with the array of sketches on the show. Schumer’s best material comes out of turning stereotypes on their heads and her commitment to a bit. It is tough for me to say that anyone is topping Key and Peele in the half-hour sketch department, but the more I see from Schumer the more I’m convinced that she is the best in the game. Check out these skits as evidence.

There is noting too sacred or off limits with Schumer’s material. She simply tells the jokes and does the sketches that makes her laugh. This kind of commitment is necessary to create good comedy. A comedian should not be worried about how people will react to his or her material. It will throw off the whole bit. Either people love the material, don’t find it funny, or find it too offensive. But despite the financial success of Jay Leno’s career, good comedy cannot come out of playing it down the middle. Plus very few people can execute an all inclusive joke like Leno can, specifically without vomiting in their mouth. Inside Amy Schumer allows her to take the show wherever she wants and the end result is usually hilarious.

And lastly, watch this pitch perfect Sorkin parody – The Foodroom.


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