New Music Monday: Harlem Shakes

By now, you’ve heard of the Alabama Shakes. And that’s a good thing. But you most likely haven’t stumbled across any music from the disbanded, formerly New York City-based Harlem Shakes.


Though the band had a brief life (from 2006-2009), they managed to produce an awesome album called Technicolor Health.

The first Harlem Shakes song I was introduced to (thanks to Spotify, as always) was “Strictly Game.”

I love this song. For a brief second, it sounds like a tune Pitbull would sing, but it quickly turns into a well-paced, harmonious jam that provides hope for a better year. I can’t help but think that singer Lexy Benaim’s voice symbolizes the inner voice of hope that we all have in our own heads.

Another one of my favorite songs is “Natural Man.”

I love the reference to 1998 and the idea of “Zima Saturday sunsets, watching the world.” I’ve still never had a Zima, but I’ve got a feeling one would taste good in the sunset.

I have not listened to the band’s first record, Burning Birthdays, quite yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Take a listen to Harlem Shakes and let me know what you think!


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