New Music Monday: The California Honeydrops

I forgot how much Monday sucked. It seems like it’s been an eternity since the last one. That’s probably because by the time Saturday rolls around, Monday feels like a terrible, distant memory. Then Sunday night hits and the immediacy of Monday swallows you unsuspectingly, the way a certain Game of Thrones character unknowingly imbibed a purple poison last night.

Never fear, however. I think I’ve found the perfect mood boosting music to help you reach the peak of Monday Mountain and descend delightfully into Tuesday.

Today’s new artist is The California Honeydrops.


If you like blues, jazz, or soul, you will love The California Honeydrops. The band formed in late 2007, first debuting their riffs in Oakland subway stations. The group is known for their creative instrument choices like homemade a gutbucket bass, washboard, and jug.

It’s hard to find the group’s music anywhere online (I found them on Spotify), but that shouldn’t be surprising for a band that started playing in subway tunnels.

Below is “Pumpkin Pie,” a song that can be interpreted in a couple of different ways.

I haven’t known the band that long, but this seems quintessential California Honeydrops. They look like they’re having the time of their lives in this non-descript, vintage van. Maybe one day they’ll do another close quarters performance with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots on The Tonight Show. Can you imagine how fun that’d be?

One of the band’s more popular songs, “Like You Mean It,” teaches a valuable lesson about going after the person you want and not holding anything back.

I love the lyrics in this song:

You might be wondering which way to turn/You know we all wondering the same thing too

But if you feel there must be something more/ And love is what you’re living for then here’s all I got to say to you

If you want it, go out and get it/ If you love it, hold on to it

But don’t you keep it just cause you think you need it/But if you do it, do it like you mean it

The California Honeydrops speak the truth. When you commit to doing something, especially going after someone, do it like you mean it. Don’t go through the motions because you feel like you have to. Life’s too short.

I encourage you to check out some of The California Honeydrops’ other awesome tracks like “In Your Power,” “When It Was Wrong,” “Here Comes Love,” and “Same Ol’, Same Ol’.”

Happy Monday!


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