New Music Monday: Slam Donahue

Let’s not sugar coat it: Mondays suck.

Today’s new music comes from a band that I hope will brighten up your bleak, dreary day and successfully break up that cartoon rain cloud that’s been following you around since you woke up.

Today’s new artist is Slam Donahue.

Slam-Donahue-600x400Slam Donahue hails from Brooklyn, New York, but  formed in Wolcott, Connecticut, back in 2009 by singer/guitarist David Otto and bassist Thomas Sommerville. Otto and Sommerville bonded over a shared love of 70s glam and pop records from their parents’ collections. Over time, they developed a friendly competition and tried to write better songs, produce superior demos, and best each other’s energy in all of their music.

It  sounds like this friendly competition worked out. Slam Donahue’s music is upbeat, full of passion, power, and general positivity. Here’s the first song I heard by them (and immediately loved):

“I Turn On” is a great summer song. It’s got an anarchic, carefree vibrance about it. I love the line “People are just people. Awkward and alive.” Such a simple thought, but so true. I’m pretty awkward and alive.

“It’s Scary” is another great Slam Donahue tune.

“It’s scary to bury your fears.” I think that’s a line we can all relate to in one way or another. “Well rehearsed in all of our roles.” Yes we are. But it’s important to break out of these roles and find out new things about ourselves. I love that Slam Donahue celebrates that.

The last Slam song I’ll share is “Where Were We on the Weekend.” I think it serves as a great weekend anthem for millennials. After all, it becomes hard to remember where we were on the weekends sometimes.

Looking forward to more Slam Donahue music!


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