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After skipping a week of devoting an article to one of the many women I love, I’m bringing the heat with Ms.Cardellini. Now that Billy has given up writing to his one true love, it is essential I stay strong and continue to express my devotion. Cardellini is a first ballot hall of famer in my heart. She earned the status back in 1998 when she had a guest stint on Boy Meets World. As a 90s kid there was no better couple than Cory and Topanga. They were the people who introduced me to the idea of love. A symbol for hopeless romantics, anyone who came in the way of their love would be instantly despised and petitioned to be stoned to death. Or so I thought, until Cardellini’s Lauren turned my world upside down. She played a snow bunny who worked at the ski resort John Adams High was having their senior trip. Not sure how this trip ever got approved by Feeny. I’m terrible at skiing, but Lauren made me want to move to the mountains. Cory had a broken leg and could not go ski with his classmates, which left him alone with Lauren for most of the day. As they grew closer I wanted to scream at Cor, “Noooooooo!!!!! Don’t disrespect Topanga. Instead, I was mesmerized by Cardellini and found myself rooting for Cory to pick her. It was a confusing time.

Topanga Who?

Topanga Who?


After Boy Meets World and because of her successful guest stint, Cardellini was cast as the lead in the short-lived and much beloved Freaks and Geeks. The show is remembered for launching the careers of James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Jason Segal. As well as expanding the legendary standing of Judd Apatow in the patheons of Hollywood. But the heart of the show was Cardellini. The role of Lindsay weir allowed her to demonstrate her likability. Lindsay was a girl without a set clique. She never fit into a set category, she was too smart and driven to be one of the freaks, but too adventurous and rebellious to be a geek. Cardellini made us care deeply about the character as she navigated the dangerous waters of high school. Just look at how badass she is in the opening scene of the series.

While she mainly played the straight woman reacting to everything around her the show also did well to utilize her fantastic comedic sense as well.

After Freaks and Geeks Cardellini’s career stalled a bit when she chose to join the sinking ship that was ER. She got lost in the large ensemble and it did not highlight any of her strengths. However, the shittiness of ER did not detract from her hotness and awesomeness.


Let’s skip passed the unfortunate fact that she played Velma on the live action Scooby-Doo and hit the next career highlight, Grandma’s Boy. She shocked me by being just as hot, if not hotter as a blonde. And in an underrated raunchy comedy, stole the show.

She went a little quiet after Grandma’s Boy, but has been back the last couple years with a sexy turn as Don Draper’s latest mistress and now as Jess’ sister on New Girl. If there is a God, then this recent hot streak will result in her getting the lead of her own series within the next year. Lord knows she deserves. I’m not completely sure why Judd Apatow has never used her in any of the films he’s produced over the last decade, but it would be great if he could redeem himself by producing a star vehicle for Cardellini. Make things right, Judd. I think you’ve cast your wife enough times to get you laid for the rest of your life.


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