Mike and Ikes and Isolation

The other morning I was standing alone in the office kitchen, staring at a big jar of Mike and Ikes. I stood there for what seemed like an hour and this was my thought process.

Deliciousness defined.

Deliciousness defined.

Ooo, Mike and Ikes, I love those. What time is it? 8:45am. Ah, it is too early to have those. But maybe, if I just have a couple, it will be alright. I mean I have donuts in the morning, those are loaded with sugar. Whom am I kidding, I can’t just have a few of those, unless of course few is followed by bowls. Just walk away, Tommy. Remember, we’re trying to lose a little weight, eat healthier, stay strong. Damn it, it looks so delicious. I want. I must have. I should just take the whole jar and hide it in my desk that way I can have all the Mike and Ikes. And I wont share with anyone. Muhahaha.

Just as I was concocting my evil plan one of the executives walked by the kitchen and asked me what I was doing. Embarrassed, I had to admit I was contemplating eating Mike and Ikes. He responded, “at this hour?” It was all I needed to set me straight and inspire me to walk away. As I did, I realized the importance of having other people around. I have a theory that psychopaths are made in two ways. One, a traumatic childhood that imprints scars that the brain heals by becoming a sick, sadistic form, and two, a long stretch of isolation.

Try living in there by yourself.

Try living in there by yourself.

It is not a coincidence that the punishment for prisoners is solitary confinement. Have you ever spent 15 minutes alone? Let me clarify, have you ever sat for 15 minutes alone doing nothing? No TV, no computer, no video games, no books, etc. Just you and your thoughts. Seriously, try it some time. In fact, go home tonight and just sit on your bedroom floor and see how long you can last. I’ll bet it wouldn’t even be 15 minutes.

Humans are social creatures. We need to interact with other humans in order to remain sane. I appreciate alone time as much as anyone else, but it is usually to read a book or get some writing done. Okay, it is mostly to watch TV, you caught me. We can all fall down the rabbit hole that is our mind and without other people around to give us advice we’ll just free fall till we hit rock bottom.

There is nothing wrong with living by yourself, but just try to make sure to have people in your life that you can easily hang out with at a moment’s notice. We need to appreciate the impact we have on each others lives. A singular human is not capable of much, but human beings together are capable of anything.


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