New Music Monday: Wild Cub

This Monday, I’d like to give a shout out to Tommy for turning me on to a band called Wild Cub. And for always turning me on in general, thank you, TD.

Wild Cub formed after songwriter/composer Keegan DeWitt decided he hated his day job in NYC and said, “Fuck it. I’m becoming an awesome musician.” DeWitt moved to Nashville and wrote film and documentary scores and worked on the early formation of Wild Cub after meeting multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Bullock. Soon, the group added drummer Dabney Morris, bassist Harry West, and synth/keys player Eric Wilson.

Their debut album, Youth, is awesome. Here’s my personal favorite song off the album, “Thunder Clatter.”

Wild Cub seamlessly fuses 80s synth beats with catchy guitar riffs and too-cool-for-school vocals. They’re a lot of fun. Their music is great for driving, working during the day, and even throwing a party. There’s something relaxing and reassuring about their tracks that make you feel comfortable enough to start doing one of those awful white guy dance-sways and smile stupidly.

Here’s “Lies.” It honestly sounds like it could have been in one, if not all, of John Hughes’s movies. That obviously always earns points with me.

Looking forward to hearing more good music from Wild Cub! 


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