Let’s Play Some One-on-One

The LogoAnother NBA All-Star weekend has come and past. The weekend dubbed, lovingly, The Black Super Bowl, has always been the best of all the major sports All-Star weekends However, being the best leads to complacency and the NBA All-Star weekend has become complacent. Yes, it tries to make changes to the format, but they have been miniscule and irrelevant. David Silver needs to make a splash as the new commissioner by introducing a one-on-one tournament to All-Star Saturday.

Millennial Man wants to do all it can to encourage the new commissioner by hosting an all-time one-on-one tournament on the site. But we’re asking for all of your help. Send us the names of the players you’d like to see compete in a 16-man tournament to determine who the greatest one-on-one player of all-time. Your suggestions will help us select the players and the seeding for the tournament. Then each week we’ll break down the match-ups round by round and you’ll help select the winner.

The champion will be crowned during the NBA Finals in June. In order to make this work we need your participation, so get involved. Leave your suggestions down below in the comments section. Or tweet at us @damillennialman or leave suggestions on our Facebook page, The Millennial Man. For those not adept at social media, you may email me at td@roselandtrio.com. I look forward to reading all your suggestions and am excited for this tournament to kickoff.



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