Valentine’s Day Special: Dating Eastyn | Hell, it’s Valentines Day… Sure.. Dick Pics

Valentine’s day is around the corner, and I thought it’d be nice to put some information out there about what it’d be like to date me. Nothing fancy. A quick guide. The basics. Pros. Cons. Essential Stats.


This is a fairly accurate representation of yours truly.

Name: Eastyn Cazin

Race: Human

Age: 23

Weapon: The Internet

Health: 666

Mana: -80

Abilities: Forever Confused    

Special Attack: Kitten Cuddle Puddle

Weakness: Cheese

Going Out to Eat

Pro: Cheap Date. I’m a picky eater so I tend to opt for a soup and/or salad option at most restaurants.

Con: I hate cheese, and most people can’t handle that fact.

Low Maintenance

Pro: I am not overly bothered with my beauty regime, and so my get ready time is no fuss.

Con: I will wear sweatpants if I have any suspicion that it may be acceptable.


They are indeed related.

They are idiots. My idiots.

Pro: Passionate about many things.

Con: All those things happen to be my cats.


Pro: I consider playing games together (against each other) an acceptable activity.

Con: You will leave crying in defeat by the end of the evening.

End of the Evening

Pro: Totally okay with first date smooches.

Con: Totally don’t realize that’s what’s about to happen until it has been happening, and even then…

So there you have it party people.  Do what you will with this information. Happy Valentines Day. Bring me chocolate.


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