Weekend Review – Part One


For once I actually followed through on an initiative to use Friday nights to grab dinner and drinks with friends. We will have to wait and see if I can bowl the “turkey” and get three weeks in a row. Or if it will go the way of my attempts to start running and completely stop for a couple months.

A California twist on a traditional Beer Hall.

A California twist on a traditional Beer Hall.

This week’s stop, Wurstkuche. A German sausage and beer hall with Californian sensibility. It is a great place for Friday dinner with friends. First off, the line was out the door, which my father always taught me is a sign of a great restaurant. Yes, it can be annoying to wait in long lines for food, but waiting with friends makes it an easier process. They can be a source of distraction from the annoying wait by talking about other things going on in our lives or just simply venting together about how long this line is. Either way it makes the process much easier.

The best way to get through a long line is to realize that it is there because of what lies on the other side. The reason so many people are lined up is that the food and drink are delicious. Unless of course it just happens to be a large group of masochists grabbing dinner together. And Wurstkuche was no exception to this rule, phenomenal selection of sausages and beer. And the large, open style of the beer hall made it easy to hear everyone, while being lively and promoting a fun atmosphere. Plus beer is available by the liter, the best reason to switch to the metric system.

Another rule I have for restaurants is always order either the house special or something that is not available at any other restaurant. Simple dishes like, hamburgers, chicken fingers, pasta, etc. can be found anywhere, including our own kitchens since all are easy to make. But a rattlesnake, rabbit, and jalapeno sausage is only available at Wurstkuche.

I did the same thing when I ate you, buddy.

I did the same thing when I ate you, buddy.

As soon as I saw Rattlesnake I knew I was getting it. Most people might shy away from something so exotic, but I’m not most people. A restaurant would not put something that sounds off-putting on its menu unless it knew how incredibly delicious it is. And delicious it was. I know what I’m going to be hunting down if I’m stranded in the desert, a rattle snake that just ate a rabbit. It was the most tender and flavorful sausage I’ve ever tasted. Outside of a party at Elton John’s house. What? The man grills some fantastic meat. The next time you’re at Wurstkuche, get the rattler-rabbit combo, I’m stamping a Men’s Warehouse guarantee on it.

Best and Worst States to Live

As I mentioned, a big reason to do Friday dinners is hanging out and having fun conversations with friends. This week we got into a good hypothetical situation, my favorite type of conversations. The scenario laid out is, “If you were forced to live in a state for an entire year and could freely move within the sate, but were not allowed to move beyond the state borders. What would be the five states you would want to be stuck in the least? And which would you be happiest to be sent to?

For this scenario, we removed the state we are currently living in and our home state as the point is to be sent somewhere different. Also, money is not an issue. Everything you want will be provided, so it is not about which states would allow you to best work in your career of choice.

One of the larger metropolises in Arkansas.

One of the larger metropolises in Arkansas.

My bottom five: Arkansas, North Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, and West Virginia.

My Top Five: Hawaii, Washington, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Florida.

The consensus bottom states were Arkansas, even though none of us had been there, a combination of Kansas and Nebraska, and North Dakota. Other choices were Oklahoma and New Mexico, I don’t mind dry heat that much, so I’d take it. Nevada was mentioned, which I find as sacrilege as it would be in my top 10, beyond Vegas, it also has a sliver of Tahoe, and some good golf courses that are playable all year round.

Washington is going to get a lot more crowded if this scenario ever came true.

Washington is going to get a lot more crowded if this scenario ever came true.

The consensus top states were Washington and Colorado, I was the only one without it. New York was also a popular choice, one I was closer to selecting than Colorado, but ultimately decided to continue my illogical hatred towards NYC.

As you would expect, I was the only one to select Wisconsin, which I chose for personal reasons, having grown up going to the north woods and I haven’t seen too many places in our country as beautiful. Plus great beer and food cities, Madison and Milwaukee. And I could play golf in Kohler during the warm months.

I was also the only person to select Florida and Tennessee. I was very surprised by both. Florida has an array of cities to bounce around, plus the best combination of golf and sea food that could sustain me for more than a year. Tennessee was also a surprise. There is Nashville, great beer city with a ton of great live music to entertain for years, plus Memphis, B&B – blues and BBQ, cannot go wrong there. Then there are the gorgeous rivers to take the old pontoon out and float down. Have you ever seen video from a UT tailgate?


What states would you guys choose? Post in the comment section or tweet at us @damillennialman or even leave the answer on our Facebook page.


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