New Music Monday: Free Energy

As always, I’d like to note that “New Music” means that this music is pretty new to me. I like to think I have decent taste in music, but I’m pretty new to this whole finding cool tunes thing. It’s been a lot of fun.

This week I’d like to highlight the work of a band from Philadelphia called Free Energy.

I stumbled across this song, “Bang Pop,” on Spotify’s “Upbeat Indie Music” playlist.

Free Energy provides some of the most fun music I’ve heard in a long time. Their music is so freewheeling and unabashedly in the vein of glam and classic rock bands like Thin Lizzy and The Cars. You can tell they’re having fun in the music video, too.

If their music sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve heard one of their songs on TV or in a movie. “Bang Pop” was prominently featured on the pilot of Raising Hope, a TV show that Tommy loves and you should, too. It’s excellent. Free Energy’s song “Something in Common,” another really fun track, was used in the Kathryn Heigl and Josh Duhamel (and Josh Lucas, Jesus, too many Joshs) romantic comedy Life As We Know It, which surprisingly made $105 million at the box office on a $38 million budget.

I think my favorite thing about Free Energy is how they find their identity by weaving in and out of sounding all at once like The Strokes, The Cars, and a bunch of new electronic-influenced band. Some critics even compare them to old bands like Journey. To me, the band just sounds like a bunch of guys having fun using music as a means to talk about that confusing thing none of us can figure out: love.

“Dance All Night” (below) is a great song for anyone dealing with a fresh breakup this Valentine’s Day. It’s haunting, a foot stomper, and will probably be used in a movie soon (if it hasn’t been already). It’s got a perfect blend of 80s shameless emotion and sadness, with a sprinkle of hope of rekindling the singer’s relationship with Hailey.

Anyway, make sure to check out Free Energy’s two albums Stuck on Nothing and Love Sign. You won’t be disappointed.


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