The Women I Love

It would be easy to smile with her around.

It would be easy to smile with her around.

Caity Lotz

Billy continues to do a tremendous job of professing his love to the one woman of his dreams. It inspires me to continue to express mine to thousands of loves of my life.

I first fell in love with Caity Lotz when I saw her do a guest spot on Mad Men. Season four, the best season, episode two, Don stops in Los Angeles to see the original Mrs. Draper. As a bonus her super hot niece, Stephanie, stopped by and hit the town with Anna and Don. Lotz looked spectacular, the perfect California blonde. The Beach Boys would’ve changed their song to “I Wish They All Could Be Caity Lotz.”

The perfect California beauty of the 1960s

The perfect California beauty of the 1960s

Now, this was during the Don Draper drinks himself into a stupor season and on the way down to rock bottom the show had him make a move on young Stephanie. A pretty despicable move considering how much Anna meant to him and how young she was at the time. Most fans were disgusted by the action, but I wasn’t, not in the least bit. She was far too hot that I would’ve been offended if he didn’t make a move. In fact of all the women Don has ever interacted with I would want Stephanie to be the one he rides off into the sunset with at the end of the series.

Alas, it was a fleeting love. Lotz only appeared in that episode with a couple of cameo appearances sprinkled throughout the season. I thought that she was lost to me forever. But destiny has a way of rearing it’s beautiful head at the most opportune moment. Lotz came back to me last fall on one of my new favorite shows, Arrow.

As if it wasn’t joy enough just to have her back on my TV, but this time she got to play a kick ass vigilante, Black Canary. Nothing is sexier than a woman than an incredibly hot women who is also strong enough to kick anyone’s ass. Instead of simply being the personification of Dan Wilson’s dreams, she gets to do this kind of stuff.


She is a huge part of improving Arrow’s second season. Yes, part of it is just getting to look at her each week, but she brings a lot of charisma and pathos to her role. It is impossible to not care about her and the character she plays. Lotz has both a kick-ass physique and a sweet, beautiful face, which emotes both a strong independent woman and a damsel in distress. This is a deadly combination. You can’t decide if you need to save her or stand back to watch her kick some serious ass. She has the power to draw a man, or woman, in and keep them mesmerized.

Who wouldn't want to wake up to that?

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that?

I hope for the sack of humanity that Caity becomes a huge international star, but selfishly I hope she just keeps getting cast in shows that I like. She is my small independent band, I recognize that she has the immense talent for the big time, but I want her to be my secret and a dirty little one at that.

**Update** Big news. Not sure how I’m just learning about this now, but Billy has actually met Caity Lotz when he worked at Preferred Content. He was Ross Dinerstein’s, founder and head honco, assistant and the first big movie they produced was The Pact starring, the one and only, Caity Lotz. Needless to say my mind is blown and I know what I will be watching this weekend.

Speaking of dirty, this next material is slightly NSFW, so precede with caution.

Now, that is just unfair.

Now, that is just unfair.

Speaking of dirty, watch this next video with caution as it is slightly NSFW.


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