My Subjective Ranking of This Week In TV – Part 2


10. New Girl – Welcome back! Billy would probably be ready to put this show back in the top five, a position it would have held had we started this blog a year ago, but I’m a less forgiving towards it because I expect more. Plus I do not look like any of the characters, so I’m missing that extra attachment to it. As soon as Peyton Manning retires and joins the cast, then it will be my top show.

Sorry D-Dubs, keep it up and you'll be in the top five.

Sorry D-Dubs, keep it up and you’ll be in the top five.

The single funniest moment of the past two weeks, at least in live action television, was Winston stepping out of Schmidt’s newly minted guest room and declaring himself to be Frank Sabopolis. Really the whole storyline with Winston, Coach, and Schmidt trying to get laid at the same time had more laughs than all the fall episodes combined. The show is finally starting to D-Dubs Jr. properly over the last few weeks. If they can keep it up, then the show is primed to reach new heights. Also, excellent guest spot by Seth Cohen. His miming being sexy as he’s sprayed by water was a great moment.

9. Woody Harrelson – I’ve been giving a lot of love to McConaughey on this blog, but I’m starting to feel guilty for not giving enough love to the Wood Man. It all changes this week as Woody gets his own spot in the rankings. Don’t worry, his show will be featured later as well. Harrelson brought a lot to the table in the last episode of True Detective, two weeks ago.

His character is starting to go toe to toe with McConaughey’s when he spews his rhetoric about the dire straits of the world. He also got to full release the rage that has been bubbling up inside of him the first couple of weeks. In many ways, his character is actually more mysterious than McConaughey’s because there is a duality to him. He seems torn, to the point that when he tells his wife he is “all fucked up inside” I actually take him seriously rather than assume it is a line to get his wife off his back and avoid revealing he is cheating on her with Alexandra Daddario’s incredible boobs. My early theory is that Harrelson, for the life of me I do not know their actual character names, is actually the one that the present day detectives are looking into. Or at least the twist is that they should be. I’ll discuss more about the show when it arrives in the rankings.

Melissa Fumero is the breakout star of this show. And I'm not just saying that cause of the leather dress.

Melissa Fumero is earning herself a special place in my heart.

8. Brooklyn Nine Nine – Unfortunately the days of the Super Bowl launching a show into a new ratings stratosphere are long gone. It is a shame too, since the show is hitting its stride for a spring run that could launch it to top comedy on TV. Even bigger of a shame is that Dads was actually the top rated comedy last Tuesday, beating both New Girl and Brooklyn. This means the strategy of moving the show to the slot behind New Girl might backfire as a repeat of the pilot airing after Dads got the same rating as the new episode.

Screw the American viewing public. It has no effect on my rankings. Andy Samberg is finally settling down as Jake Peralta to the point that I no longer want to punch him in the face. It is helped that they’ve made his relationship with Santiago less contentious and more of a friendly partnership. I still believe the show would be better with Melissa Fumero established as more of a lead, but really the show has become a more even ensemble, which is best for its future.

Trophy Wife's deadly tandem. Right now, Brooklyn 9-9 has no answer.

Trophy Wife’s deadly tandem. Right now, Brooklyn 9-9 has no answer.

7. Trophy Wife – These two freshman comedies have Magic-Bird potential, especially now that both air at the same time. Wife jumped out to the early lead, ala Magic’s Rookie year championship, but Brooklyn is already coming back with a vengeance. This new time slot battle, ratings do not matter considering they are both low, is like the ’84 Championship series. The battle is on and for now I put Wife slightly ahead. The reason being, Warren and Burt are the greatest comedy duo since Laurel and Hardy. Seriously, I could watch these two do anything together, but put them in a karate class and my ass nearly falls off from laughing. ABC, please let this show stay on the air, please. We need to have these two comedies battling for the next six seasons.

6. The Daily Show – There is no show more clever or funny when this show is operating at peak form. These past two weeks haven’t quite reached that level, but between the State of the Union, the O’Reilly-Obama interview, and a great field piece from Jason Jones on the Koch brothers trying to buy local elections, it came pretty damn close.


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