The Snooze Button: Can We Use It In Real Life?

Life is fleeting. That’s not an attempt to sound deep and poetic. It’s a fact. We clock into this world the second we’re born, and before we know it, we’re clocking out. That’s why it is so great when time seems to stop for a little while and we get caught in one of those beautifully long moments that seem infinite.

If you think about it, most of us get one of those moments each and every morning. You know what I’m talking about if you’re a serial snooze button user like I am. With one press of the snooze button, you get another nine minutes of that wonderful gray area between dreams and reality.

I wish you could use the snooze button for real life events. I talked about how much growing up sucks the other day. It’d be nice to be able to push snooze at one of those amazing college theme parties – personally, I’m thinking my 21st Great Gatsby themed birthday party – so that it wouldn’t have to end as quickly. I’m sure everyone can think of a specific party, or many, that he or she would have snoozed.

I'm sure he would've held on to the boombox a little longer if he could have.

I’m sure he would’ve held on to the boombox a little longer if he could have.

Guys and gals alike would probably have used the snooze button at certain points in a romantic relationship, too. In any great relationship, there are those John-Cusack-holding-a-boombox-in-Say-Anything moments that give both people butterflies and remind you why you’re in love or just really care about the person. Imagine being able to extend those moments another nine minutes. Most of us have had really awesome relationships slip through our fingers like impatient grains of sand in an hourglass. How nice would it have been to be able to push snooze just once or twice to say, “F you, hour glass. I get a little more time with this amazing lady.”

I’m sure any groom wouldn’t mind watching his wife walk down the aisle in her wedding dress for a little bit longer. Snooze. New mothers and fathers would probably want to freeze the time they get to hold their newborn in their arms. Snooze. Grandkids wish they had a few more days with their late grandparents to learn one or two tidbits about the latters’ childhoods. Snooze.

So is there a way to create some kind of real life snooze button? I think the short answer to that pressing question is sadly, no. There is no way freeze time or extend things a little bit longer unless you’re Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell. I guess he normally used it to get out of trouble, though. I’m still amazed and a little bit confused about how he always called “Time out!”

No. We can’t press the snooze button on our favorite moments. But that doesn’t mean the moments are gone forever. After all, nostalgia is the most powerful drug out there. But like any drug, you shouldn’t overuse it. However, when used properly, nostalgia is just what the doctor ordered.

I am not suggesting living in the past is a healthy lifestyle. Time rolls on for a reason. But there’s got to be a compromise between not being able to use the snooze button and constantly trying to relive the good old days. And that’s where nostalgia – in the right dosage – comes in.

After all, whether we want to admit it or not, those fleeting non-snoozable moments are part of the reason we are who we are. Those movie-worthy grins from an old love when everything is clicking, touchdown catches in high school, movie nights with your grandparents, college ragers, family dinners, and more all matter. They’re not less real because they’re in the past.

Maybe that’s why it’s best to leave the snooze button on our alarm clocks and cell phones. We’ve got to enjoy those rare life moments and relationships for what they are because you don’t get to press a button and get another nine minutes.

Some philosopher once said, “Snooze, you lose.” I’m pretty sure it was Socrates. I guess he was right.


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