The Weekend Review


Friday I grabbed dinner at local Caribbean BYOB  hot spot Cha Cha Chicken. Anyone who lives or travels to Los Angeles needs to make it a priority to go and preferably with a large group of friends. It is located on Pico and Ocean in Santa Monica and is the perfect Friday night dinner.

Escape reality and get a taste of the Caribbean at Cha Cha Chicken

Escape reality and get a taste of the Caribbean at Cha Cha Chicken

First, it has a great vibe with Caribbean decor that gives it a nice authentic feel and is very relaxing after a long week of work. Two, it has the best jerk sauce on this planet. In fact forget limiting it to the best jerk sauce, it is the best sauce period. I’m a sriracha addict. There is nothing that I wouldn’t pour it all over. But I would give up sriracha forever to get a lifetime supply of Cha Cha jerk sauce. Sounds a lot dirtier than I expected. Third, it is BYOB. Any restaurant gets bumped up a star on my yelp reviews when it allows me to bring my own alcohol. Plus there is no limit to what you can bring, beer, wine, a bottle of rum, moonshine, absinthe, etc. It is all welcomed at Cha Cha.

This is how Friday nights should be spent, but as much as I love Cha Cha I know there are other fun restaurants that are just waiting to be checked out. My new goal is to start Friday nights with a group dinner at a new restaurant every week. After a long week I want to see great friends, eat delicious food, share some laughs, and enjoy a few drinks. Dinners always seem more expensive than pre-gaming and going to the bars, but anyone who has woke up with a massive hangover, then checked his or her credit card statements knows that a night out can become extremely expensive.

Hhhhmmm, Jerk Sauce!

Hhhhmmm, Jerk Sauce!

It is a fun, and relaxing way to wind down from the week and transition into the weekend. Plus it allows time for more activities after dinner, the night is still young. Anyone who still wants to go out and hit the bars has time, just remember last call is 1:30 in LA, and dinner served as a pre-game. It is Oscar season, so anyone interested in catching up on all the movies has time to catch a late screening. The group can also find a fun activity to follow up dinner with like bowling, game night, or karaoke. Especially if you’re in Korea Town and BYOB karaoke.

It doesn’t have to become an official club, but you can bet that I’ll be calling it one since I’ve been ostracized from a myriad of clubs in my life. Just make an effort to do it every once in awhile, as it will help to maintain and strengthen friendships.


It is painful to be repeating myself, but another flag football game, another loss. This week we ran into the top team in our conference and the best defense in the league. A bunch of long, athletic dudes combined with a group of girls who came right from a cross-fit class who could all kick my ass but I’d kind of like it. I really should’ve gotten their numbers.

These boys had the right attitudes.

These boys had the right attitudes.

We were barely able to avoid the naked lap with a late touchdown pass that was nearly intercepted. It was a difficult game, but also an inspiring one as it is time to go all Major League on this bitch. From this point forward, Arian Foster’s Children is going to be the most reckless, drunk, ballsy, and badass team in the league. It is time to pull out all the stops and run every play ever seen in the movies. It may not lead to victories, but you bet your bottom dollar, Annie, that it will be must see TV.

College Basketball Update

A quick check-in with the tournament now five weeks away. It was a rough weekend in our household as Wisconsin continues its freefall down the rankings and the seed line. Mike was feeling pretty depressed with all the losing this weekend, thankfully his boy Russell came through for him yesterday. And Boston lost a heart breaker at home to Leigh on a last second floater. Notre Dame did beat BC in OT, but it is not enough to wipe of the stink of this year.

Nationally everyone is jumping on the Syracuse bandwagon and while it certainly looks intriguing right now, I still think it is too early and there are too many talented teams that could get healthy down the stretch to buy into a heavy favorite. I’m more confident in selling on Kansas than buying all in on the Orange. Also, Zona is still dangerous despite the loss. Cal is an underrated team and the Pac 12 an underrated conference. My thoughts will expand as we get closer to March.


I woke up to the tragic news of Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s death. I’m going to take a few days before I share my expanded thoughts on his career, but it hurts to lose such a talented guy at such a young age due to a substance abuse problem. The circumstances of his death cannot be ignored as there is no one to blame but him for allowing addiction to take over his life, but it does not change the immense talent he had and the brilliant performances he delivered. Those will live on, but as Woody Allen eloquently says, “I’d rather live on, in my apartment.”

Super Bowl

Everyone is talking about the stinker that masqueraded as the Super Bowl this year. As much as I’d like to brag about picking the Seahawks I really can’t since I did not anticipate them dispatching the Broncos so easily. We’ve been spoiled with a great stretch of Super Bowls over the last six years. The last boring Super Bowl also involved the Seahawks, back in 2006 against the Steelers. The last blow out, anywhere near this proportion was 11 years ago Bucs-Raiders. A similarly dominant defense taking it to the best offense in the league.

Congrats Renee, welcome to my shit list. It's a wonderful place to be.

Congrats Renee, welcome to my shit list. It’s a wonderful place to be.

Despite the lack of competitiveness in the game, the Super Bowl is a ton of fun. It is a great excuse to get together with a group of friends, eat an inordinate amount of food, drink beer, and make ridiculous bets. A bigger disappointment than the game was Renne Flemming coming in way under on the Anthem and not wearing gloves. What the hell Renee? You’re a disgrace to opera singers and should have your Opera card removed.

I’m also disappointed in Michael Crabtree not only not mentioning Sherman in a tweet, but not tweeting at all. For shame, Crabtree, you don’t deserve to call yourself a wide receiver any more. My big wins came from betting hard for Russell Wilson and against my cousin, Peyton Manning. Our prop bet competition was very competitive, unlike the big game, in fact it was so competitive it ended in a three way tie. Again, thanks a lot Renee.

Overall, as disappointing as the game was, it was still a fun time and a reminder of how rare events that connect the nation are. Plus I had a lot of delicious chili and that is never a bad thing.


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