Why Do I Have To Thank God It’s Friday?

It is a phrase that launched a reasonably priced, awkward first date hot spot restaurant chain, “Thank God It’s

Hhhhmmm I can taste the loaded potato skins from here.

Hhhhmmm I can taste the loaded potato skins from here.

Friday.” Friday has served as a harbinger of hope seemingly since the dawn of time. No matter how shitty life gets or how beat down and depressed we are, there is always Friday.

Friday office banter is the same every week. “Hey, how’s it going?” “Alright, but at least it’s Friday.” Phone calls answered with the salutation, “Happy Friday,” instead of the traditional hello. This morning in the elevator a co-worker prayed to God to make every day Friday. We love Fridays so much we allowed Loverboy to produce a gaudy rock hit.

Instead of working for the weekend, maybe they should have been working on not desecrating rock n’ roll or finding another career.

As kids, Friday meant Boy Meets World, pizza, video games, and movies. It was a fun day, but then so was every other day. As we get older Fridays become a religious experience, something we praise and offer sacrifice. The problem is I’m starting to resent, no despise Fridays. Not the day itself, it had no choice of where the Romans placed it on our calendar, but this dependence on it to provide all happiness in our lives.

If I’m coming into work in five years saying “Oh, thank God for Friday,” or even worse, “Is it Friday yet,” then shoot me in the fucking skull. I’m serious, anyone who reads this article has my full permission to kill me. Let this be admissible in the court of law. It is time to ween ourselves off the sweat teat known as Friday. The thought of the rest of my life being totally dependent on Fridays for happiness with the occasional holidays is just totally depressing. I want to wake up and say “Thank God it’s Monday!” Or better yet, not even know or care what day of the week it is because each one brings me happiness and fulfillment.

There is more than one way to achieve this fulfillment, but the best way is to find a career that fulfills a passion. Certainly finding someone to build a fulfilling relationship can also bring joy into our everyday lives, but eventually we all have to find a way to provide for our basic needs. However, the right person is capable of getting us through a shitty job that we hate going to day in and day out.

It doesn’t matter how we do it, but we should strive to become less Friday dependent. Hopefully someday we’ll drop the “It’s Friday” from T.G.I.F.

P.S. But let’s never get rid of the restaurant chain. Daddy needs his half priced apps.


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