90s Movie Review: Liar Liar

Millennials talk about the 90s too much. But who cares? Our parents reminisce about how things were so much different when they were growing up as baby boomers. Our grandparents talk about how hard they had to work to get where they are today. The generation younger than us doesn’t even talk about anything; they just send their thoughts straight to their iPads and communicate wirelessly.

To celebrate our ongoing love affair with the greatest decade in history, I’ve decided to retroactively review famous 90s movies. I will not attempt to be unbiased or professional in any way, shape, or form. I love these movies.

Jim Carey owned the 90s.

Jim Carey owned the 90s.

This week’s movie is LIAR LIAR.

Budget: $45 million

Worldwide Gross: $302-$306 million

Stars: Jim Carrey, Maura Tierney, Justin Cooper, Carly Elwes, and Jennifer Tilly

Director: Tom Shadyac                 Producer: Brian Grazer

IMDB Summary: A fast track lawyer can’t lie for 24 hours due to his son’s birthday wish after the lawyer turns his son down for the last time.

Quick Review: Jim Freaking Carrey in a 90s comedy. Not much more needs to be said, but I’ll say it anyway. Carrey is phenomenal as Fletcher Reede, a lawyer good enough at his craft to earn the respect of our own Justice Demetrio. The only problem with Fletcher is that he continually breaks the heart of his kid son, Max (Cooper), and conversely his ex-wife Audrey (Tierney). Sick of heartbreak, Max wishes that his dad can’t lie for just one day, and since this is a 90s movie, his wish is granted. Unfortunately for Fletcher, it’s one of the biggest days of his career.

The whole cast performs admirably, but it’s Carrey’s movie and they all know it. Tommy talked about the importance of knowing where you fit in as part of his well-written Role Play post, and everyone in this cast certainly knows his or her job. At 86 minutes long, this movie is probably one of the funniest film under 90 minutes of all-time.

Funniest Scene: So many choices. But there’s something about Carrey’s maniacal tirade in the boardroom – and his coworkers’ reactions – that assaults my funny bone.

A close second is the bathroom scene. I’m kicking my ass, do ya mind?!

Best Supporting Actor/Actress: Cary Elwes. You probably know him best as the main character from The Princess Pride. He is wonderfully lame as Jerry, Audrey’s boyfriend. Watch out. The claw’s gonna get ya.

Why This Movie Should Have Won An Oscar: I still believe that Jim Carrey should have been nominated for his portrayal of Fletcher. The way Carrey contorts his face and body is sickeningly delightful and hilarious. Imagine not being to lie as a lawyer? I couldn’t act it out as well as Carrey did – could you?

This scene where he is getting dragged out of the courtroom is all at once heartbreaking and hilarious.

Overt 90s Messages Learned: Don’t lie. Love and spend time with your family. Be nice to the people you work with. Divorced parents are likely to get back together. It’s okay to break every rule at an airport and steal a stair car if it means you can stop your son from leaving Los Angeles. Give money to homeless people. Treat your assistant well. This pen is royal blue.

Interesting Movie Fact: A friend of the Millennial Man’s uncle directed this film. Michael Juettner, thank your uncle profusely for me and our whole generation.

Millennial Man Movie Grade: A+


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