Unrequited Love – The Loves of My Life

Love, when I fall it is hard and it is often. Billy may be prudent and loyal with who he gives his heart to, Emma, but my love is like a sub-prime mortgage pre-2008, handed out to anyone and doomed to fail.

I can’t help myself. There are just too many amazing, beautiful, funny, and talented women in this world to simply love one. It doesn’t take much to sweep me off my feet, much like Carrie Bradshaw getting into Mr. Big’s limo or FDR without his wheelchair, I fall easily.

It would be weird and highly awkward to post about women I know in this blog. As much as I love painfully awkward moments, it just cannot be done. However, I can post about female public figures that have stolen my heart and all the reasons they are amazing.

Kacey Musgraves

The gorgeous and talented Ms. Musgraves just took home Grammys for Country Album, Same Trailer Different Park, and best Country Song, “Merry Go Round.” Musgraves is like Taylor Swift without all the tabloid garbage and holier than thou attitude. An amazing song writer, both for on her own material, as well as for other artists, combined with a sweet, soothing voice. She may not be able to belt it out like former queens of country, Shainia Twain and Faith Hill, but her voice suites her poetic, lyrical style.

Sane Trailer Different Park is an incredible album and always makes things better, no matter how tough things are that day. It is available on Spotify, as well as a complete, exclusive, interview album where she discusses each song on the album. If you fall for her as hard as I have, then it is an enjoyable, if slightly embarrassing, listen. Here a few of my favorite.

And finally, her performance from the Grammys. Everyone might’ve been talking about Beyonce and Jay-Z, and so was I, but this was also a terrific performance.

Katie Nolan

I’m going to be honest, I had no idea The Crowd Goes Wild is still on the air. I watched an episode from its first week and wrote it off as the worst show, sports or otherwise, to ever be put on the air.

Thank God for the gigantic balls on the Fox Sports 1 executives for keeping this show on the air as it paid off with this delightful treat.

My goodness, she nailed it. An easy way to win my heart is to verbally lampoon a giant blowhard like Rick Reilly. Even the Omegas from Animal House think Reilly is a bit much. If I’m Fox Sports 1 I immediately give Ms. Nolan her own TV show. I know that FS1 has no clue what buzz is, but she’s got it right now and it is time to capitalize.

Whether the much maligned sports network actually does or not, Katie Nolan has earned a place in the overcrowded Pantheon also known as my heart.


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