Get to Know A Comedian

John Mulaney

Chances are many of you are already fans of John Mulaney, or at least his work, without even knowing it. Mulaney was a writer on Saturday Night Live for the past five years and co-wrote the famous Stefon character from Weekend Update with Bill Hader. A big part of Stefon’s popularity is how Hader always loses it at some point and breaks character. The main reason this happens every time is that Mulaney would add a joke or line into the skit between rehearsal and the main show without telling him. Check out this video courtesy of our friends at Grantland, where Hader describes the process of creating Stefon.

As great as his work on SNL has been, it is time to appreciate Mulaney for his phenomenal stand-up ability. He is a natural on stage. Like Michael Jordan on a basketball court, Hemmingway at a typewriter, or Lindsay Lohan in rehab, it is fun to watch someone completely in his element..

Mulaney is a master at irrelevant, observational humor. Many critics compare him to Jerry Seinfeld, an apt comparison as he employs a similar style, but it is unfair to limit him to a comparison. He adds great subtlety to his jokes that make them easy to watch or listen to repeatedly. Watch these clips that demonstrate Mulaney’s ease on stage and clever writing ability.

Beyond his witty observational humor, Mulaney is also an excellent storyteller. His captivating manner draws the audience into the story even as he goes through minute details. It doesn’t matter cause the journey is so much fun.

Full disclosure, I have extreme bias towards Mulaney. He grew up in Chicago, the easiest way for me to like anyone, attended a Jesuit high school, Society of Jesus Pride, and not only has the style of comedy I strive to succeed at, but also has had a career that fills me with more envy than Cooper Manning at family reunions. Plus, just like yours truly, Mulaney is a walking encyclopedia of pop culture.

Everyone needs to get on board the Mulaney bandwagon and quickly. He has a sitcom currently in production, produced by Universal Television, shameless plug. The show is still awaiting an air date from Fox. I fear for the joy of all humanity that Fox is going to end up burying the show on Friday nights with back-to-back episodes over three weeks. We cannot let this happen, America. The Millennial Man is starting a wave of support so strong that Fox will have no choice but to promote this show more than it does Joe Buck. Suck it, Buck. 

I know the traditional sitcom seems outdated to us millennials, but if there is any man I trust to do it right it is John Mulaney. It would be fun to have a Seinfeld for our generation. Someone to observe our society, then make well structured, hilarious episodes about all he sees. The Millennial Man will be sure to keep everyone abreast as to the progress of the sitcom, but for now make sure to check out Mulaney’s two stand up records, The Top Part and New In Town, for barrels of laughs. Yes, I just used the phrase barrels of laughs, deal with it. 

P.S. John Mulaney, if you read this, hire me to write on your show when it becomes a smashing success.



  1. I love Get To Know a Comedian. I’m also borderline obsessed with Mulaney and can’t wait for his show. I’m digging Millennial Man so keep it up, fellas.

    1. Thanks Katie, glad you share our love of John Mulaney and honored that you’re digging the site. Any even bigger honor would be to have you contribute articles to it. If you ever have any articles you want to write, please feel free to send them our way.

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