Weekend Review Part Two


Another week of flag football, another excruciating loss. This one was the tougher than the other two combined. Not only was it a narrow, three point margin of defeat, but it was also to an incredibly douchey team. The starting QB came to play with his Patriots ball cap and full NFL QB knee brace on his leg. Jim Rome’s “softball guy” personified in co-ed flag football form.

I’m pretty sure this guy thought he was going to get scouted by some pro teams. He complained the entire game, like a whiny bitch. He was upset with the refs for blowing calls, his teammates for running the wrong routes, and blowing coverages. And the cherry on top of this douchey ice cream sundae was him Deion Sanders-ing into the end zone as he ran by two women. My advice to that guy, get laid, buddy cause you’re a long way from Sunday. I’m a competitive guy, but it is nice to see an example of what not to become in order to keep things in perspective.

On Saturday I discovered a great new game, Heads Up. An app you can download on your phone that let’s you play a combination of password and charades, while also recording a video of each round.

I talked about adult friendships in part one and this is a great game to play with friends. It creates a fun environment and a ton of laughs. If you do not have it on your phone, then download it now. It covers all social situations and is a great bonding experience, our flag football team watched it after the game on Saturday and it really helped us get over losing to that douche bag.


For everyone who read last week’s Filling the Football Void, you knew that Sunday was the Royal Rumble. It was hotly anticipated in the Millennial Man’s headquarters and our first annual Royal Rumble drinking game was a smashing success.

I drew four of the first five numbers, as well as 14 and 21, so I knew the

The Second City Saint, doing work.

The Second City Saint, doing work.

odds were stacked against me, My only hope was the Second City Savior, CM Punk going the distance from the #1 spot to prevail victorious. The odds were stacked against me, but I knew my fellow Chicagoan was capable of overcoming them. Unfortunately, damn Corporate Kane had other plans and eliminated Punk despite not being in the match . My chances for winning were taken away by “The Man.”

Billy had a great draw. Roman Reigns had the most eliminations by far with 12, breaking the 13 year old record of 11 set by Evil Demonic Kane. He also had the returning paler than an albino Irishman Sheamus, giving him two of the final three participants.

The odds looked good, but it was not meant to be as Dave Batista took home the Rumble and Mike Rosemeyer drew the lucky number of 28. Despite having Fandango get eliminated earlier in the night by a midget in a bull costume named El Torrito, which provided lots of laughs, Mike had the last laugh with the win in this inaugural competition. Congrats to Mike and look forward to next year.

I do not know much about music, so the Grammy Awards are never a top priority for me, but I will say that I was highly entertained by the performances this year. Just seeing Stevie Wonder on stage with Pharell and Daft Punk made the show for me. Excellent show and a ton of fun. Royal Rumble and the Grammys are complete opposites, but both combined for a highly entertaining Sunday night and great cap to the weekend.


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