New Music Monday: Old Man Canyon

Every Monday from here on out, I’m going to give you a take it or leave it music suggestion. I’m not the coolest cat on the block (and probably have lost an infinite amount of cool points by using the term “coolest cat”), so keep in mind my suggestions might be a half step or so behind the industry trendsetters. I  just thoroughly enjoy making playlists on Spotify. If Spotify handed out honorary degrees for trying really hard, I think I could get one.

Also, keep in mind the title “New” Music Monday is pretty subjective. This music is new for me. I hope it’s new to you, too, since that would make the title more applicable. On the other hand, if it’s not new to you, that’s not a bad thing because it’s probably some awesome tunage that has graced your life for longer than it has mine.

This week’s band suggestion is Old Man Canyon.

I heard “Wiser” on last week’s episode of Shameless (“My Oldest Daughter”). It was used at a great moment in the episode and hit the right emotional chord with me – and I hope a lot of other people, too. Unfortunately, this week’s Shameless episode wasn’t as good and I’m sure it will suffer on Tommy D’s power rankings.

“Wiser” is such a beautiful song that all at once captures the unpredictability of life and the hopefulness that we’ll actually learn things as we get older. I am 100% stealing the song to use it in one of my movies one day.

Check out the rest of their music on their site. I can’t find too much info on them, but it appears they’re Canadian and have a show in two days in Vancouver, so go check them out Canadians!


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