A Subjective List in Ascending Order of TV

Week 0f 01/17 thru 01/24

Part I

Power ranking is a classic inter-webs cliche, like a mailbag and Ron Paul 2016. It is a pretentious way for columnists, “experts,” and critics to make there opinions seem important and factual. At Millennial Man, we strive to rise above classic traps. Our opinions are just that, opinions, so take our weekly listing of television with a big grain of salt. We’re not able to watch everything on television, but the following list is what we’ve deemed the top shows, people, and events of the past week in television.

1,150. Michael J. Fox Show – It’s hard to call this the biggest mistake in television history when this exists, but NBC’s huge gamble sure looks foolish now. How can we believe in a God when Toddlers and Tiaras is more than doubling Marty McFly in the ratings? On the positive side, Fox’s epic failure has lead to a seventh season of Parks and Recreation, a show the Peacock network has been trying to kill for years. Cheer up NBC, at least you’ve got Bill Cosby coming back. Are you happy to be back Bill?

15. Skip Bayless and the Old Angry White Sports reporter – I love hate watching bitter old men and no one represents this in the sporting community than Skip Bayless. He and his peers had a field day discussing Richard Sherman’s post-game interviews. It was a classic over-analyzed, blown out of proportion story that it was impossible not to hate, which is why I loved. If you’re not down with hate watching, then you’re really missing out.

"Mess wit me? I'll squash you like a delicious, sugary, jelly donut."

“Mess wit me? I’ll squash you like a delicious, sugary, jelly donut.”

14. Chris Christie – The political equivalent of Richard Sherman. The 24 hour “news” channels are having a field day with all the leaks coming out in Jersey. All of them are stroking their “reporter” boners hoping that Christie will eventually burst and reveal everything.

13. Piers Morgan’s Interview with the Real Wolf of Wall Street – We’ll not be making it a habit to praise Piers Morgan here, but the real Jordan Belfort was a great get the crotchety Brit. It was also a well executed interview and whether you’ve watched the film or not it is worth checking out.

12. Community – A show that is wildly uneven and this was the case before Dan Harmon was given the boot in season four, but had a strong exit episode for Donald Glover’s Troy. Harmon is too pleased with himself and his writing for the show to be a consistent top performer. Yes, he fully commits to the story he wants to tell and not the one that will please the audience. But television is a collaborative medium and Community is a cautionary tell of what happens when one voice dominates the show.

Enough ranting, let’s get positive, concept episodes, especially one’s that parody a genre of literature and film, always seem to work. This week’s was no exception as  post-apocalypse stories are ripe for the comedic picking. Troy was a glue character for the show and really humanized a cartoon world, as much as it can be. The show will miss him much more than Chevy Chase.

You're going to laugh, we Men's Warehouse guarantee it.

You’re going to laugh, we Men’s Warehouse guarantee it.

11. Raising Hope – I hate the word underrated, as much as I do Power Rankings, so I’ll simply say this show is under-watched and discussed. It is a an old school sitcom, but with self awareness, something Michael J. Fox is desperately missing. The show also follows the number one rule of comedy, be funny. I’m sure most of you have not seen it, so consider this a bonus Binge Watch recommendation and get on Netflix now to check it out from the beginning.

10. Brooklyn 9-9 – The Golden Globes love to be the first reward a show, it makes them feel cool and hip, which is why giving the award to show with less than half a season did not seem so strange a couple weeks ago. It will also make them look really smart in a few years as this show has the potential to become the top comedy on television.

You rewound my scene last Sunday a few times, it's okay, you're only human.

You rewound my scene last Sunday a few times, it’s okay, you’re only human.

Dan Goor and Mike Schur, the showrunners, both worked on Parks and Rec, a show that once held that best comedy mantle. Brooklyn is slightly ahead of where P&R was at this point in its run, if for no other reason than Andre Braugher’s knack for deadpan. It is far from a perfect show, especially considering its weakest element is lead Andy Samberg’s Jake Peralta, and this week’s episode slowed down the momentum it had been building, but I expect the Super Bowl episode will launch a big spring into the show’s season finale.

9. Alexandra Daddario’s Bewbs – What? Did you not see them on True Detective. Send those puppies over to Israel, there will finally be peace in the promised land.

8. SNL with Drake – The comedy factory is still churning out classics. Last Saturday’s episode with host and musical guest, Drake was highly entertaining. It seems like musician’s have great success on the show, maybe when you perform live on stage in front of a 100,000 people in concert a trip to Studio 6A in 30 Rock doesn’t seem so daunting. Drake was willing to both poke fun at himself as well as fellow celebrities, always a good attribute for a host and demonstrated very tactful comedic timing. For anyone who missed it, check it out on Hulu.

SNL – Drake

Stay tuned for part two.


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