Ben Affleck: As Well-Endowed As We Thought

For those who know me, you know my love of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck goes well beyond mere man-crush levels. I credit Damon and Affleck for helping me make the decision to go to Boston University. After re-watching Good Will Hunting and listening to the then popular “Boston” by Augustana back in 2007, my mind was made up.

Damon and Affleck made Boston seem like the place to be for college.ben-affleck-600

Sidenote: I don’t completely think I understood that I wouldn’t be going to school in Southie (my heart broke a little bit when I saw the wondrous, clean, and safe Commonwealth Ave.) or that I wasn’t smart enough to challenge Harvard d-bags on the evolution of the market economy in the southern colonies at bars every weekend. All I wanted was for a local to come back me up in a fight just once and say, “My boy’s wicked smAHt!” That’s not too much to ask, right?

Anyway, old Damon kind of looks like my dad these days, so needless to say I love the guy more. And Affleck, well he’s become a master director. I feel like a proud little brother/son/cousin/someone-not-related-to-two-guys-who-aren’t-related-but-wants-to-be-related-to-both.

Bottom line is that Affleck and Damon are awesome. That’s why this came as no surprise to me: Ben Affleck’s D***

Pretty hilarious. But true and actual fact.  Take that, Tommy. Affleck’s dong is now more popular than John Hamm’s John Ham. More proof that film is superior to television.

This post was written by Billy Kirland, co-founder of The Millennial Man. 


One comment

  1. Jon Hamm’s John Ham just emailed me and he has a few issues with this article. We are collecting some new evidence and may need to take this court. Paging Justice Demetrio!

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