Weekend Review

Is it Friday yet? It might have just been a three-day weekend and this is a short four-day week, but let’s face it, we all can’t wait for this damn week to be over. As we struggle through the Monday blues on a Tuesday, the best way to get through it is to look back on the weekend that was. Here is our weekend review.


Ride Along:

"There is no escaping my shameless promoting"

“There is no escaping my shameless promoting”

Ride Along is finally released and thank goodness because I could not wait another moment longer. I was not hotly anticipating the movie’s release to see how squabby, light hearted Kevin Hart is going to win the respect of his unabated, hard-boiled future brother-in-law, Ice Cube, through a series of hilarious hijinx. No my joy is due to the social media driving aid, Waze. For anyone who has to deal with terrible traffic on their morning commute, so anyone who lives in LA, this is a must have app. The last time I updated the app, the nice soothing female voice was replaced by the grating, squeals of Kevin Hart. If you thought your morning commute sucked, imagine adding this voice yelling directions at you and warning you about hazards in the road and cars on the shoulder. Thankfully, with the release of the movie, the war on my sanity is over and Waze has returned to normal.

Going Out:

Can anyone not under the influence of ecstasy actually have a good time at one of these places?

Can anyone not under the influence of ecstasy actually have a good time at one of these places?

I don’t like going out on Friday nights, man it feels good to get off my chest. I know I’m still young and should be enjoying these years as much as possible by partying like this, but by the time I get home from work all I want to do is this.

I’m not saying I never want to go out on Fridays, but I’d prefer to stay in and save up for the rest of the weekend. I hate sounding like a weather spoiled LA person, but when it is sunny 360 days of the year it seems like a big waste to sleep till noon on a rare day off. Plus partying during the day is much more appealing to me, so Sundays have become my new Friday night. Instead of partying, I tend to use Fridays to either chill with friends, dominate my roommates in drinking games, or finally see a movie I’ve been putting off. This past weekend was a movie, Short Term 12, the internet has been jizzing over this movie so I won’t say too much other than it is the best movie that I’ve seen from last year, highly recommend checking it out.


College Basketball:

The real reason to get excited about March Madness. Vegas!

The real reason to get excited about March Madness. Vegas!

As the NFL season draws to a close we will soon be turning our attention to basketball. The NBA has one amazing conference and the Western playoffs may be the best ever, and then one looming showdown in the Eastern conference. But there is time to get ready for that. The more pressing event is March Madness and with a little over a month to go it is shaping up to be perhaps the most exciting tournament ever.

There are four or five dominant teams, Arizona, Syracuse, Michigan St., Wichita St., and Kansas. A few young dangerous if they put it all together teams, Wisconsin, Iowa, Villanova, Kentucky, and Florida. The two teams from last year’s championship game are starting to round into form, Louisville and Michigan, both with big wins this weekend. And the team with the potential number one pick, Jabari Parker, entered the weekend outside of the top 20 before dismantling NC State by 40. It is a wide open field and it will be the toughest field to select, normally there are only four or five teams selected to win it all per bracket pool. This year, depending on the size, you could be in a pool with 12-15 different teams picked to win it all and none of them would be an outrageous, low odds pick. We will be discussing a whole lot more CBB over the next two months.

Flag Football

We’re captaining a co-ed flag football league this year and we’ve gotten off to a bit of a rough start. On Saturday we lost our second game since we had to play a man, or in this case a woman, down. Despite the disadvantage we put up a valiant effort and lost only by 8. Thanks in large part to my effort of one passing TD, one receiving, and an interception. Shameless self-promotion. Unfortunately our reputation for being the hardest partying team came back to bite us as one of our players had to leave the game due to hangover. She is listed as day-to-day and questionable for next week.

Despite the 0-2 start, I remain optimistic our season will turn around, since all great sports movies start exactly this way. We just need our Jimmy Chitwood. Only instead of a tall, brooding Indiana farm boy, I hope it is an attractive, sporty girl next door type who is also inexplicably madly in love with me. A guy can dream, right?

Craig – My Dart Mentor

I bet you darts noobs didn't realize this is actually better than three bullseyes.

I bet you darts noobs didn’t realize this is actually better than three bullseyes.

After starting the night at an overcrowded, loud, and sweaty bar impersonating a dance club, I ended it at a local Irish pub playing some darts. Now, I’ve always been a pretty shitty darts player, but never bothered to learn how to shoot properly. Until Saturday night, when a local bar fly named Craig, last names are overrated, taught me the errors of my ways and became my Chubbs Peterson of darts. I went from looking like one of Jerry’s Kids to a sharpshooting dart machine.

This is why I choose pubs and dive bars over want to be clubs any day. You can’t get amazing dart advice from a guy who used to play with the bassist from Supertramp at a club. Just remember that the next time you’re bumping and grinding with some hot girl. Damn it, that sounds awesome too.


Conference Championships:

This years conference championship games were the most hotly anticipated of the last decade. A classic QB rivalry that has spanned over a decade gets its fourth playoff act, third in the Conference Championship, and the current best rivalry in the NFL, if not all of sports. Many were anticipating the greatest Championship Sunday in league history. The problem with hyping things up so much is that it ultimately leads to disappointment.

Best place to watch a game in LA. Big Deans!

Best place to watch a game in LA. Big Deans!

While the games on Sunday were not world-changing or history making, it was still a very exciting day of football. My Cousin Peyton turned in another resume boosting performance that puts him in position to reach for that Best QB ever belt. And the Seahawks-Niners is the most must see game no matter when they play it. It is never not fun watching these two go at it. The hatred is palpable and whenever two teams hate each other this much, it always leads to memorable moments, usually involving post-game hand shakes.

True Detective

If you’re not watching True Detective Sunday nights on HBO, then your life is not completely fulfilled. Matthew McConaughey is the hottest actor right now and I’m not talking about looks. He is on top of his game and over the last two years as turned in an array of memorable performances. Whether he ends up taking home an Oscar or not this year, no actor has come close to touching him recently. Here’s hoping he becomes the Jackie Robinson of movie actors moving to TV. I know other movie stars have done TV, but none have done it in the prime of his or her career, when he is at the top of his game and could have any movie role he wanted. I know that this is a one-off season for him, but through just two episodes he has shown how amazing it is to have an actor at the peak of his career on our TV each week.

Television allows for a deeper exploration of a character, as everything is played out over a longer period of time. McConaughey is taking advantage of this and turning in a world-class performance, it is impossible to watch an episode without re-winding several of his scenes, just to fully appreciate how amazing he is. I do not want to short change Woody Harrelson’s performance, as it is impressive that he doesn’t get totally pulled under by the tidal wave of acting McConaughey is throwing his way. I have not been fully able to follow the actual crime mystery, nor have I found it that compelling thus far, but I don’t care, these characters are so rich and the acting is so good that I do not care if they just sit at their desks for the next six episodes. Seriously, watch this show, cause we will be talking about it a lot for the next six weeks.


Who would do anything but rest and show respect to Dr. King on MLK day. If you did than Auntie Rae has something to say.


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